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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'06)

L06-1001 : N. Grønnum
DanPASS - A Danish Phonetically Annotated Spontaneous Speech Corpus

L06-1002 : A. Wu; K. Lowery
A Hebrew Tree Bank Based on Cantillation Marks

L06-1003 : S. Chaudiron; J. Mariani
Techno-langue: The French National Initiative for Human Language Technologies (HLT)

L06-1004 : M. Rayner; P. Bouillon; B. Hockey; N. Chatzichrisafis
REGULUS: A Generic Multilingual Open Source Platform for Grammar-Based Speech Applications

L06-1005 : A. Berglund; R. Johansson; P. Nugues
Extraction of Temporal Information from Texts in Swedish

L06-1006 : J. Hlaváèová
New Approach to Frequency Dictionaries - Czech Example

L06-1007 : F. Bustamante; A. Arnaiz; M. Ginés
A Spell Checker for a World Language: The New Microsoft’s Spanish Spell Checker

L06-1008 : E. Macklovitch
TransType2 : The Last Word

L06-1009 : I. Saratxaga; E. Navas; I. Hernáez; I. Aholab
Designing and Recording an Emotional Speech Database for Corpus Based Synthesis in Basque

L06-1010 : D. Kokkinakis
Collection, Encoding and Linguistic Processing of a Swedish Medical Corpus - The MEDLEX Experience

L06-1011 : N. Masaki; I. Hiroshi; H. Taiichi; T. Takenobu
A new approach to syntactic annotation

L06-1012 : T. Tan; L. Besacier
A French Non-Native Corpus for Automatic Speech Recognition

L06-1013 : A. Sansò
Documenting variation across Europe and the Mediterranean: the Pavia Typological Database

L06-1014 : M. Bahrani; H. Sameti; N. Hafezi; H. Movassagh
Building and Incorporating Language Models for Persian Continuous Speech Recognition Systems

L06-1015 : S. Tongchim; P. Srichaivattana; V. Sornlertlamvanich; H. Isahara
Blind Evaluation for Thai Search Engines

L06-1016 : Y. Matsumoto; M. Asahara; K. Hashimoto; Y. Tono; A. Ohtani; T. Morita
An Annotated Corpus Management Tool: ChaKi

L06-1017 : C. Jouis
Hierarchical Relationships "is-a": Distinguishing Belonging, Inclusion and Part/of Relationships.

L06-1018 : I. Berlocher; K. Huh; E. Laporte; J. Nam
Morphological annotation of Korean with Directly Maintainable Resources

L06-1019 : P. Saint-dizier
PrepNet: a Multilingual Lexical Description of Prepositions

L06-1020 : M. L’homme; H. Bae 
A Methodology for Developing Multilingual Resources for Terminology

L06-1021 : S. Raidt; G. Bailly; F. Elisei
Does a Virtual Talking Face Generate Proper Multimodal Cues to Draw User’s Attention to Points of Interest?

L06-1022 : M. Wong
Skeleton Parsing in Chinese: Annotation Scheme and Guidelines

L06-1023 : C. Orasan; L. Hasler
Computer-aided summarisation -- what the user really wants

L06-1024 : N. Xue
Annotating the Predicate-Argument Structure of Chinese Nominalizations

L06-1025 : K. Kageura; G. Kikui
A Self-Referring Quantitative Evaluation of the ATR Basic Travel Expression Corpus (BTEC)

L06-1026 : H. Ozaku; A. Abe; K. Sagara; N. Kuwahara; K. Kogure
Features of Terms in Actual Nursing Activities

L06-1027 : D. Santos; N. Seco; N. Cardoso; R. Vilela
HAREM: An Advanced NER Evaluation Contest for Portuguese

L06-1028 : R. Banchs; A. Bonafonte; J. Pérez
Acceptance Testing of a Spoken Language Translation System

L06-1029 : V. Tablan; W. Peters; D. Maynard; H. Cunningham
Creating Tools for Morphological Analysis of Sumerian

L06-1030 : I. Amdal; T. Svendsen
FonDat1: A Speech Synthesis Corpus for Norwegian

L06-1031 : A. Itai; S. Wintner; S. Yona
A Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Hebrew

L06-1032 : R. Ivanovska-naskova
Development of the First LRs for Macedonian: Current Projects

L06-1033 : R. Rapp; C. Vide
Example-Based Machine Translation Using a Dictionary of Word Pairs

L06-1034 : W. Mustafa el Hadi; I. Timimi; M. Dabbadie; K. Choukri; O. Hamon; Y. Chiao
Terminological Resources Acquisition Tools: Toward a User-oriented Evaluation Model

L06-1035 : N. Bel; S. Espeja; M. Marimon
New tools for the encoding of lexical data extracted from corpus

L06-1036 : D. Braga; L. Coelho; J. Teixeira; D. Freitas
Progmatica: A Prosodic Database for European Portuguese

L06-1037 : J. Giménez; E. Amigó
Iqmt: A Framework for Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation

L06-1038 : T. Caselli; I. Prodanof
Annotating Bridging Anaphors in Italian: in Search of Reliability

L06-1039 : H. Heuvel; K. Choukri; C. Gollan; A. Moreno; D. Mostefa
TC-STAR: New language resources for ASR and SLT purposes

L06-1040 : Y. Xia; K. Wong.; Wen. Li
Constructing A Chinese Chat Language Corpus with A Two-Stage Incremental Annotation Approach

L06-1041 : B. Hughes
Searching for Language Resources on the Web: User Behaviour in the Open Language Archives Community

L06-1042 : Y. Ohishi; K. Itou; K. Takeda; A. Fujii
Statistical Analysis for Thesaurus Construction using an Encyclopedic Corpus

L06-1043 : C. Havasi; J. Pustejovsky; M. Verhagen
BULB: A Unified Lexical Browser

L06-1044 : U. Schäfer; D. Beck
Automatic Testing and Evaluation of Multilingual Language Technology Resources and Components

L06-1045 : E. Grishina
Spoken Russian in the Russian National Corpus (RNC)

L06-1046 : P. Buitelaar; P. Cimiano; S. Racioppa; M. Siegel
Ontology-based Information Extraction with SOBA

L06-1047 : D. Dutoit
Alexandria: A Powerful Multilingual Resource for Web

L06-1048 : J. Maas; B. Wrede
BITT: A Corpus for Topic Tracking Evaluation on Multimodal Human-Robot-Interaction

L06-1049 : H. Dalianis; B. Jongejan
Hand-crafted versus Machine-learned Inflectional Rules: The Euroling-SiteSeeker Stemmer and CST's Lemmatiser

L06-1050 : C. Rohrer; M. Forst
Improving coverage and parsing quality of a large-scale LFG for German

L06-1051 : B. Schrader
Non-probabilistic alignment of rare German and English nominal expressions

L06-1052 : P. Chesley; S. Salmon-alt
Automatic extraction of subcategorization frames for French

L06-1053 : Y. Irie; S. Matsubara; N. Kawaguchi; Y. Yamaguchi; Y. Inagaki
Layered Speech-Act Annotation for Spoken Dialogue Corpus

L06-1054 : K. Ahmad; C. Bennett; T. Oliver
Visual Surveillance and Video Annotation and Description

L06-1055 : M. Mangeot; A. Chalvin
Dictionary Building with the Jibiki Platform: the GDEF case

L06-1056 : T. Ohno; S. Matsubara; H. Kashioka; N. Kato; Y. Inagaki
A Syntactically Annotated Corpus of Japanese Spoken Monologue

L06-1057 : J. Gros; V. Cvetko-orešnik; P. Jakopin; A. Mihelic
SI-PRON: A Pronunciation Lexicon for Slovenian

L06-1058 : S. Cinková
From PropBank to EngValLex: Adapting the PropBank-Lexicon to the Valency Theory of the Functional Generative Description

L06-1059 : T. Wandmacher; J. Antoine
Training Language Models without Appropriate Language Resources: Experiments with an AAC System for Disabled People

L06-1060 : B. Roark; M. Harper; E. Charniak; B. Dorr; M. Johnson; J. Kahn; Y. Liu; M. Ostendorf; J. Hale; A. Krasnyanskaya; M. Lease; I. Shafran; M. Snover; R. Stewart; L. Yung
SParseval: Evaluation Metrics for Parsing Speech

L06-1061 : M. Lin; H. Chen
Constructing a Named Entity Ontology from Web Corpora

L06-1062 : F. Bustamante; E. Díaz
Spelling Error Patterns in Spanish for Word Processing Applications

L06-1063 : A. Nøklestad; Ø. Reigem; C. Johansson
Developing a re-usable web-demonstrator for automatic anaphora resolution with support for manual editing of coreference chains

L06-1064 : H. Tohyama; S. Matsubara
Collection of Simultaneous Interpreting Patterns by Using Bilingual Spoken Monologue Corpus

L06-1065 : S. Itahashi; C. Tseng; S. Nakamura
Oriental COCOSDA: Past, Present and Future

L06-1066 : A. Storrer; S. Wellinghoff
Automated detection and annotation of term definitions in German text corpora

L06-1067 : M. Yaseen; M. Attia; B. Maegaard; K. Choukri; N. Paulsson; S. Haamid; S. Krauwer; C. Bendahman; H. Fersøe; M. Rashwan; B. Haddad; C. Mukbel; A. Mouradi; A. Al-kufaishi; M. Shahin; N. Chenfour; A. Ragheb
Building Annotated Written and Spoken Arabic LRs in NEMLAR Project

L06-1068 : S. Džeroski; T. Erjavec; N. Ledinek; P. Pajas; Z. Žabokrtsky; A. Žele
Towards a Slovene Dependency Treebank

L06-1069 : C. Kruengkrai; V. Sornlertlamvanich; H. Isahara
A Conditional Random Field Framework for Thai Morphological Analysis

L06-1070 : Y. Kato; S. Matsubara; Y. Inagaki
A Corpus Search System Utilizing Lexical Dependency Structure

L06-1071 : P. Berck; A. Russel
ANNEX - a web-based Framework for Exploiting Annotated Media Resources

L06-1072 : T. Erjavec
The English-Slovene ACQUIS corpus

L06-1073 : D. Broeder; A. Claus; F. Offenga; R. Skiba; P. Trilsbeek; P. Wittenburg
LAMUS: the Language Archive Management and Upload System

L06-1074 : D. Broeder; F. Offenga; P. Wittenburg; P. Kamp; D. Nathan; S. Strömqvist
Technologies for a Federation of Language Resource Archives

L06-1075 : M. Kemps-snijders; J. Ducret; L. Romary; P. Wittenburg
An API for accessing the Data Category Registry

L06-1076 : P. Wittenburg; D. Broeder; W. Klein; S. Levinson; L. Romary
Foundations of Modern Language Resource Archives

L06-1077 : F. Offenga; D. Broeder; P. Wittenburg; J. Ducret; L. Romary
Metadata Profile in the ISO Data Category Registry

L06-1078 : M. Kemps-snijders; M. Nederhof; P. Wittenburg
LEXUS, a web-based tool for manipulating lexical resources lexicon

L06-1079 : T. Erjavec; T. Fišer
Building Slovene WordNet

L06-1080 : L. Bordoni; T. Mazzoli
Towards an Ontology for Art and Colours

L06-1081 : R. Johansson; P. Nugues
Construction of a FrameNet Labeler for Swedish Text

L06-1082 : P. Wittenburg; H. Brugman; A. Russel; A. Klassmann; H. Sloetjes
ELAN: a Professional Framework for Multimodality Research

L06-1083 : P. Berck; H. Bibiko; M. Kemps-snijders; A. Russel; P. Wittenburg
Ontology-based Language Archive Utilization

L06-1084 : J. Nivre; J. Hall; J. Nilsson
MaltParser: A Data-Driven Parser-Generator for Dependency Parsing

L06-1085 : A. Zgank; D. Verdonik; A. Markus; Z. Kacic
SINOD - Slovenian non-native speech database

L06-1086 : M. Assem; A. Gangemi; G. Schreiber
Conversion of WordNet to a standard RDF/OWL representation

L06-1087 : A. Bosch; I. Schuurman; V. Vandeghinste
Transferring PoS-tagging and lemmatization tools from spoken to written Dutch corpus development

L06-1088 : M. Przybocki; G. Sanders; A. Le
Edit Distance: A Metric for Machine Translation Evaluation

L06-1089 : N. Bernsen; L. Dybkjær; S. Kiilerich
H. C. Andersen Conversation Corpus

L06-1090 : M. Sahlgren
Towards pertinent evaluation methodologies for word-space models

L06-1091 : A. Popescu-belis; P. Estrella; M. King; N. Underwood
A Model for Context-Based Evaluation of Language Processing Systems and its Application to Machine Translation Evaluation

L06-1092 : M. Forst; R. Kaplan
The importance of precise tokenizing for deep grammars

L06-1093 : A. Sandrelli; C. Bendazzoli
Tagging a Corpus of Interpreted Speeches: the European Parliament Interpreting Corpus (EPIC)

L06-1094 : H. Suzuki; G. Kacmarcik
RefRef: A Tool for Viewing and Exploring Coreference Space

L06-1095 : B. Andrassy; H. Hoege
Human and machine recognition as a function of SNR

L06-1096 : R. Manurung; D. O’mara; H. Pain; G. Ritchie; A. Waller
Building a Lexical Database for an Interactive Joke-Generator

L06-1097 : B. Cartoni
Dealing with unknown words by simple decomposition: feasibility studies with Italian prefixes.

L06-1098 : S. Sharoff
A Uniform Interface to Large-Scale Linguistic Resources

L06-1099 : C. Strapparava; A. Valitutti; O. Stock
The Affective Weight of Lexicon

L06-1100 : A. Lisowska; N. Underwood
ROTE: A Tool to Support Users in Defining the Relative Importance of Quality Characteristics

L06-1101 : S. Sharoff; B. Babych; A. Hartley
Using collocations from comparable corpora to find translation equivalents

L06-1102 : F. Vriend; L. Boves; H. Heuvel; R. Hout; J. Kruijsen; J. Swanenberg
A Unified Structure for Dutch Dialect Dictionary Data

L06-1103 : E. Dhonnchadha; J. Genabith
A Part-of-speech tagger for Irish using Finite-State Morphology and Constraint Grammar Disambiguation

L06-1104 : V. Moriceau
Language Challenges for Data Fusion in Question-Answering

L06-1105 : L. Sarmento
BACO - A large database of text and co-occurrences

L06-1106 : U. Schäfer
OntoNERdIE -- Mapping and Linking Ontologies to Named Entity Recognition and Information Extraction Resources

L06-1107 : J. Fiscus; J. Ajot; N. Radde; C. Laprun
Multiple Dimension Levenshtein Edit Distance Calculations for Evaluating Automatic Speech Recognition Systems During Simultaneous Speech

L06-1108 : J. Atserias; B. Casas; E. Comelles; M. González; L. Padró; M. Padró
FreeLing 1.3: Syntactic and semantic services in an open-source NLP library

L06-1109 : J. Semecký
On Automatic Assignment of Verb Valency Frames in Czech

L06-1110 : B. Medlock
An Introduction to NLP-based Textual Anonymisation

L06-1111 : H. Brugman; V. Malaisé; L. Gazendam
A Web Based General Thesaurus Browser to Support Indexing of Television and Radio Programs

L06-1112 : J. Feliu; J. Vivaldi; M. Cabré
SKELETON: Specialised knowledge retrieval on the basis of terms and conceptual relations

L06-1113 : I. Cramer; J. Leidner; D. Klakow
Building an Evaluation Corpus for German Question Answering by Harvesting Wikipedia

L06-1114 : G. Fliedner
Towards Natural Interactive Question Answering

L06-1115 : B. Waldron; A. Copestake; U. Schäfer; B. Kiefer
Preprocessing and Tokenisation Standards in DELPH-IN Tools

L06-1116 : J. Apresjan; I. Boguslavsky; B. Iomdin; L. Iomdin; A. Sannikov; V. Sizov
A Syntactically and Semantically Tagged Corpus of Russian: State of the Art and Prospects

L06-1117 : M. Hassel; J. Sjöbergh
Towards Holistic Summarization -- Selecting Summaries, Not Sentences

L06-1118 : S. Schaden; U. Jekosch
“Casselberveetovallarga” and other Unpronounceable Places: The CrossTowns Corpus

L06-1119 : D. Kokkinakis; D. Dannélls
Recognizing Acronyms and their Definitions in Swedish Medical Texts

L06-1120 : L. Ku; Y. Liang; H. Chen
Tagging Heterogeneous Evaluation Corpora for Opinionated Tasks

L06-1121 : J. Nivre; J. Nilsson; J. Hall
Talbanken05: A Swedish Treebank with Phrase Structure and Dependency Annotation

L06-1122 : O. Postolache; D. Cristea; C. Orasan
Transferring Coreference Chains through Word Alignment

L06-1123 : G. Tummarello; C. Morbidoni; F. Kepler; F. Piazza; P. Puliti
A novel Textual Encoding paradigm based on Semantic Web tools and semantics

L06-1124 : A. Bogacka; K. Dziubalska-kołaczyk; G. Krynicki; D. Pietrala; M. Wypych
General and Task-Specific Corpus Resources for Polish Adult Learners of English

L06-1125 : O. Medelyan; S. Schulz; J. Paetzold; M. Poprat; K. Markó
Language Specific and Topic Focused Web Crawling

L06-1126 : M. Reynaert
Corpus-Induced Corpus Clean-up

L06-1127 : A. Popescu-belis; M. Georgescul
TQB: Accessing Multimodal Data Using a Transcript-based Query and Browsing Interface

L06-1128 : F. Pan; R. Mulkar; J. Hobbs
An Annotated Corpus of Typical Durations of Events

L06-1129 : A. Patel; D. Radev
Lexical similarity can distinguish between automatic and manual translations

L06-1130 : N. Campbell; T. Sadanobu; M. Imura; N. Iwahashi; S. Noriko; D. Douxchamps
Multimedia Database of Meetings and Informal Interactions for Tracking Participant Involvement and Discourse Flow

L06-1131 : F. Wang; X. Deng; F. Zou
Towards Unified Chinese Segmentation Algorithm

L06-1132 : D. Samy; A. Sandoval; J. Guirao; E. Alfonseca
Building a Parallel Multilingual Corpus (Arabic-Spanish-English)

L06-1133 : D. Byron; E. Fosler-lussier
The OSU Quake 2004 corpus of two-party situated problem-solving dialogs

L06-1134 : M. Islam; D. Inkpen
Second Order Co-occurrence PMI for Determining the Semantic Similarity of Words

L06-1135 : Y. Kiyota; H. Nakagawa
A Domain Ontology Production Tool Kit Based on Automatically Constructed Case Frames

L06-1136 : R. Taib; N. Ruiz
Tangible Objects for the Acquisition of Multimodal Interaction Patterns

L06-1137 : V. Novak; J. Hajic
Perspectives of Turning Prague Dependency Treebank into a Knowledge Base

L06-1138 : J. Granfeldt; P. Nugues; M. Ågren; J. Thulin; E. Persson; S. Schlyter
CEFLE and Direkt Profil: a New Computer Learner Corpus in French L2 and a System for Grammatical Profiling

L06-1139 : Q. Yang; J. Martens; N. Konings; H. Heuvel
Development of a phoneme-to-phoneme (p2p) converter to improve the grapheme-to-phoneme (g2p) conversion of names

L06-1140 : J. Jung; M. Miyake; H. Akam
Recurrent Markov Cluster (RMCL) Algorithm for the Refinement of the Semantic Network

L06-1141 : C. Cucchiarini; H. Hamme; O. Herwijnen; F. Smits
JASMIN-CGN: Extension of the Spoken Dutch Corpus with Speech of Elderly People, Children and Non-natives in the Human-Machine Interaction Modality

L06-1142 : C. Fairon; S. Paumier
A framework for real-time dictionary updating

L06-1143 : V. Alabau; C. Martinez
Bilingual speech corpus in two phonetically similar languages

L06-1144 : V. Vandeghinste; I. Schuurman; M. Carl; S. Markantonatou; T. Badia
METIS-II: Machine Translation for Low Resource Languages

L06-1145 : E. D'halleweyn; J. Odijk; L. Teunissen; C. Cucchiarini
The Dutch-Flemish HLT Programme STEVIN: Essential Speech and Language Technology Resources

L06-1146 : E. Suzuki; T. Suzuki; K. Kakihana
On the Web Trilingual Sign Language Dictionary to Learn the foreign Sign Language without Learning a Target Spoken Language

L06-1147 : D. Goecke; A. Witt
Exploiting logical document structure for anaphora resolution

L06-1148 : C. Fairon; S. Paumier
A translated corpus of 30,000 French SMS

L06-1149 : F. Zou; F. Wang; X. Deng; S. Han
Evaluation of Stop Word Lists in Chinese Language

L06-1150 : A. Sinopalnikova; P. Smrž
Intelligent Dictionary Interfaces: Usability Evaluation of Access-Supporting Enhancements

L06-1151 : H. Mögele; M. Kaiser; F. Schiel
SmartWeb UMTS Speech Data Collection: The SmartWeb Handheld Corpus

L06-1152 : M. Lopatkova; Z. Zabokrtsky; K. Skwarska
Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs: Alternation-Based Model

L06-1153 : D. Verdonik; M. Rojc
Are you ready for a call? - Spontaneous conversations in tourism for speech-to-speech translation systems

L06-1154 : M. Kaiser; H. Mögele; F. Schiel
Bikers Accessing the Web: The SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus

L06-1155 : A. Kawtrakul; C. Pechsiri; T. Permpool; D. Thamvijit; P. Sornprasert; C. Yingsaeree; M. Suktarachan
Ontology Driven K-Portal Construction and K-Service Provision

L06-1156 : C. Forăscu; I. Pistol; D. Cristea
Temporality in relation with discourse structure

L06-1157 : E. Hajicova; P. Sgall
Corpus Annotation as a Test of a Linguistic Theory

L06-1158 : O. Bojar; M. Prokopova
Czech-English Word Alignment

L06-1159 : E. Guevara; S. Scalise; A. Bisetto; C. Melloni
MORBO/COMP: a multilingual database of compound words

L06-1160 : D. Sonntag; M. Romanelli
A Multimodal Result Ontology for Integrated Semantic Web Dialogue Applications

L06-1161 : N. Grégoire
Elaborating the parameterized Equivalence Class Method for Dutch

L06-1162 : A. Green; H. Hüttenrauch; E. Topp; K. Severinson
Developing a ContextualizedMultimodal Corpus for Human-Robot Interaction

L06-1163 : W. Ma; C. Huang
Uniform and Effective Tagging of a Heterogeneous Giga-word Corpus

L06-1164 : A. Barbu; E. Ionescu; V. Mititelu
Romanian Valence Dictionary in XML Format

L06-1165 : N. Bernsen; T. Hansen; S. Kiilerich; T. Madsen
Field Evaluation of a Single-Word Pronunciation Training System

L06-1166 : Wei. Li; Wen. Li; Q. Lu
Mining Implicit Entities in Queries

L06-1167 : K. Uchimoto; R. Hamabe; T. Maruyama; K. Takanashi; T. Kawahara; H. Isahara
Dependency-structure Annotation to Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese

L06-1168 : N. Areta; A. Gurrutxaga; I. Leturia; Z. Polin; R. Saiz; I. Alegria; X. Artola; A. Diaz de Ilarraza; N. Ezeiza; A. Sologaistoa; A. Soroa; A. Valverde
Structure, Annotation and Tools in the Basque ZT Corpus

L06-1169 : J. Polifroni; M. Walker
Learning Database Content for Spoken Dialogue System Design

L06-1170 : J. Civera; A. Juan
Bilingual Machine-Aided Indexing

L06-1171 : P. Alessandro; F. Marco; M. Massimo
Integrating Methods and LRs for Automatic Keyword Extraction from Open Domain Texts

L06-1172 : L. Costa; L. Sarmento
Component Evaluation in a Question Answering System

L06-1173 : S. Breuer; S. Bergmann; R. Dragon; S. Möller
Set-up of a Unit-Selection Synthesis with a Prominent Voice

L06-1174 : N. Semmar; M. Laib; C. Fluhr
A Deep Linguistic Analysis for Cross-language Information Retrieval

L06-1175 : D. Santos; S. Inácio
Annotating COMPARA, a Grammar-aware Parallel Corpus

L06-1176 : L. Henriksen; C. Povlsen; A. Vasiljevs
EuroTermBank - a Terminology Resource based on Best Practice

L06-1177 : F. Barreto; A. Branco; E. Ferreira; A. Mendes; M. Nascimento; F. Nunes; J. Silva
Open Resources and Tools for the Shallow Processing of Portuguese: The TagShare Project

L06-1178 : L. Sarmento; B. Maia; D. Santos; A. Pinto; L. Cabral
Corpógrafo V3 - From Terminological Aid to Semi-automatic Knowledge Engineering

L06-1179 : L. Dinu; A. Dinu
On the data base of Romanian syllables and some of its quantitative and cryptographic aspects

L06-1180 : A. Shehata; F. Zanzotto
A Dependency-based Algorithm for Grammar Conversion

L06-1181 : K. Ahmad; M. Musacchio; G. Palumbo
Ontological and Terminological Commitments and the Discourse of Specialist Communities

L06-1182 : A. Oltramari
LexiPass methodology: a conceptual path from frames to senses and back

L06-1183 : C. Clavel; I. Vasilescu; L. Devillers; T. Ehrette; G. Richard
Fear-type emotions of the SAFE Corpus: annotation issues

L06-1184 : A. Mauser; E. Matusov; H. Ney
Training a Statistical Machine Translation System without GIZA++

L06-1185 : E. Coussé; S. Gillis
Regional Bias in the Broad Phonetic Transcriptions of the Spoken Dutch Corpus

L06-1187 : A. Fujii; M. Iwayama; N. Kando
Test Collections for Patent Retrieval and Patent Classification in the Fifth NTCIR Workshop

L06-1188 : Ž. Agić; M. Tadić
Evaluating Morphosyntactic Tagging of Croatian Texts

L06-1189 : M. Rajman; M. Ailomaa; A. Lisowska; M. Melichar; S. Armstrong
Extending the Wizard of Oz Methodologie for Multimodal Language-enabled Systems

L06-1190 : G. Noord; I. Schuurman; V. Vandeghinste
Syntactic Annotation of Large Corpora in STEVIN

L06-1191 : D. Buscaldi; P. Rosso
Mining Knowledge fromWikipedia for the Question Answering task

L06-1192 : S. Schulte
Human Verb Associations as the Basis for Gold Standard Verb Classes: Validation against GermaNet and FrameNet

L06-1193 : P. Wagacha; G. Pauw; P. Githinji
A Grapheme-Based Approach for Accent Restoration in Gikuyu

L06-1194 : J. Soler; P. Cerezo; D. Merino; A. Sánchez
MEDUSA: User-Centred Design and usability evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition telephone services in Telefónica Móviles España

L06-1195 : A. Burchardt; K. Erk; A. Frank; A. Kowalski; S. Pado
The SALSA Corpus: a German Corpus Resource for Lexical Semantics

L06-1196 : R. Steinberger; B. Pouliquen; A. Widiger; C. Ignat; T. Erjavec; D. Tufiş; D. Varga
The JRC-Acquis: A Multilingual Aligned Parallel Corpus with 20+ Languages

L06-1197 : A. Burchardt; K. Erk; A. Frank; A. Kowalski; S. Pado
SALTO - A Versatile Multi-Level Annotation Tool

L06-1198 : V. Hoste; G. Pauw
KNACK-2002: a Richly Annotated Corpus of Dutch Written Text

L06-1199 : P. Cimiano; M. Hartung; E. Ratsch
Finding the Appropriate Generalization Level for Binary Ontological Relations Extracted from the Genia Corpus

L06-1200 : T. Kato; T. Toda; H. Saruwatari; K. Shikano
Transcription Cost Reduction for Constructing Acoustic Models Using Acoustic Likelihood Selection Criteria

L06-1201 : M. Mieskes; M. Strube
Part-of-Speech Tagging of Transcribed Speech

L06-1202 : B. Boguraev; R. Ando
Analysis of TimeBank as a Resource for TimeML Parsing

L06-1203 : D. Kawahara; S. Kurohashi
Case Frame Compilation from the Web using High-Performance Computing

L06-1204 : P. Paroubek; I. Robba; A. Vilnat; C. Ayache
Data, Annotations and Measures in EASY the Evaluation Campaign for Parsers of French.

L06-1205 : T. Kanamaru; M. Murata; H. Isahara
Creation of a Japanese Adverb Dictionary that Includes Information on the Speaker’s Communicative Intention Using Machine Learning

L06-1206 : G. Grefenstette; F. Debili; C. Fluhr; S. Zinger
Exploiting text for extracting image processing resources

L06-1207 : N. Okazaki; S. Ananiadou
Clustering acronyms in biomedical text for disambiguation

L06-1208 : G. Nenadic; N. Okazaki; S. Ananiadou
Towards a terminological resource for biomedical text mining

L06-1209 : H. Hjelm
Extraction of Cross Language Term Correspondences

L06-1210 : D. Guthrie; B. Allison; W. Liu; L. Guthrie; Y. Wilks
A Closer Look at Skip-gram Modelling

L06-1211 : B. Dobrov; N. Loukachevitch
Development of Linguistic Ontology on Natural Sciences and Technology

L06-1212 : M. Bilotti; E. Nyberg
Evaluation for Scenario Question Answering Systems

L06-1213 : D. Buehler; W. Minker
Stochastic Spoken Natural Language Parsing in the Framework of the French MEDIA Evaluation Campaign

L06-1214 : S. Oepen; J. Lønning
Discriminant-Based MRS Banking

L06-1215 : G. Szarvas; R. Farkas; L. Felföldi; A. Kocsor; J. Csirik
A highly accurate Named Entity corpus for Hungarian

L06-1216 : T. Declerck; M. Vela
Generic NLP Tools for Supporting Shallow Ontology Building

L06-1217 : J. Ritz; U. Heid
Extraction tools for collocations and their morphosyntactic specificities

L06-1218 : L. Nezda; A. Hickl; J. Lehmann; S. Fayyaz
What in the world is a Shahab?: Wide Coverage Named Entity Recognition for Arabic

L06-1219 : M. Poesio; M. Kabadjov; P. Goux; U. Kruschwitz; E. Bishop; L. Corti
An Anaphora Resolution-Based Anonymization Module

L06-1220 : M. Sailer; B. Trawinski
The Collection of Distributionally Idiosyncratic Items: A Multilingual Resource for Linguistic Research

L06-1221 : U. Heid; E. Taljard; D. Prinsloo
Grammar-based tools for the creation of tagging resources for an unresourced language: the case of Northern Sotho

L06-1222 : M. Sousa; T. Trippel
Building a historical corpus for Classical Portuguese: some technological aspects

L06-1223 : M. Pazienza; M. Pennacchiotti; F. Zanzotto
Mixing WordNet, VerbNet and PropBank for studying verb relations

L06-1224 : L. Wanner; M. Ramos
Local Document Relevance Clustering in IR Using Collocation Information

L06-1225 : A. Esuli; F. Sebastiani
SENTIWORDNET: A Publicly Available Lexical Resource for Opinion Mining

L06-1226 : A. Denis; M. Quignard; G. Pitel
A Deep-Parsing Approach to Natural Language Understanding in Dialogue System: Results of a Corpus-Based Evaluation

L06-1227 : F. Sasaki
Work within the W3C Internationalization Activity and its Benefit for the Creation and Manipulation of Language Resources

L06-1228 : M. King; N. Underwood
Evaluating Symbiotic Systems: the challenge

L06-1229 : A. Chalamandaris; A. Protopapas; P. Tsiakoulis; S. Rapti
All Greek to me! An automatic Greeklish to Greek transliteration system

L06-1230 : T. Vogt; E. Andre
Improving Automatic Emotion Recognition from Speech via Gender Differentiaion

L06-1231 : K. Ahmad; L. Gillam; D. Cheng
Sentiments on a Grid: Analysis of Streaming News and Views

L06-1232 : B. Williams; R. Jones; I. Uemlianin
Tools and resources for speech synthesis arising from a Welsh TTS project

L06-1233 : T. Declerck; A. Pérez; O. Vela; Z. Gantner; D. Manzano-macho
Multilingual Lexical Semantic Resources for Ontology Translation

L06-1235 : B. Alex; M. Nissim; C. Grover
The Impact of Annotation on the Performance of Protein Tagging in Biomedical Text

L06-1236 : B. Wellner; M. Vilain
Leveraging Machine Readable Dictionaries in Discriminative Sequence Models

L06-1237 : S. Hasan; A. Isbihani; H. Ney
Creating a Large-Scale Arabic to French Statistical MachineTranslation System

L06-1238 : C. Yirong; L. Qin; L. Wenjie; S. Zhifang; J. Luning
A Study on Terminology Extraction Based on Classified Corpora

L06-1239 : A. Estellés; A. Alcina; V. Soler
Retrieving Terminological Data from the TxtCeram Tagged Domain Corpus: A First Step towards a Terminological Ontology

L06-1240 : V. Cavalli-sforza; A. Soudi
IMORPHĒ: An Inheritance and Equivalence Based Morphology Description Compiler

L06-1241 : L. Sitbon; P. Bellot
Tools and methods for objective or contextual evaluation of topic segmentation

L06-1242 : L. Devillers; R. Cowie; J. Martin; E. Douglas-cowie; S. Abrilian; M. Mcrorie
Real life emotions in French and English TV video clips: an integrated annotation protocol combining continuous and discrete approaches

L06-1243 : M. Popovic; H. Ney
POS-based Word Reorderings for Statistical Machine Translation

L06-1244 : D. Vilar; J. Xu; L. D'haro; H. Ney
Error Analysis of Statistical Machine Translation Output

L06-1245 : I. Castellón; A. Fernández-montraveta; G. Vázquez; L. Alonso; J. Capilla
The Sensem Corpus: a Corpus Annotated at the Syntactic and Semantic Level

L06-1246 : J. Pérez; A. Bonafonte
GAIA: Common Framework for the Development of Speech Translation Technologies

L06-1247 : A. Novák
Morphological Tools for Six Small Uralic Languages

L06-1248 : J. Pérez; A. Bonafonte; H. Hain; E. Keller; S. Breuer; J. Tian
ECESS Inter-Module Interface Specification for Speech Synthesis

L06-1249 : P. Nemec
Tree Searching/Rewriting Formalism

L06-1250 : M. Taboada; C. Anthony; K. Voll
Methods for Creating Semantic Orientation Dictionaries

L06-1251 : M. Itagaki; A. Aue; T. Aikawa
Detecting Inter-domain Semantic Shift using Syntactic Similarity

L06-1252 : H. Boril; T. Boril; P. Pollák
Methodology of Lombard Speech Database Acquisition: Experiences with CLSD

L06-1253 : H. Bunt
Dimensions in Dialogue Act Annotation

L06-1254 : O. Baude; M. Jacobson; A. Tchobanov; R. Walter
Interoperability of audio corpora : the case of the French corpora

L06-1255 : R. Bernardi; D. Calvanese; L. Dini; V. Tomaso; E. Frasnelli; U. Kugler; B. Plank
Multilingual Search in Libraries. The case-study of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

L06-1256 : I. Langkilde-geary; J. Betteridge
A Factored Functional Dependency Transformation of the English Penn Treebank for Probabilistic Surface Generation

L06-1257 : J. Talley
Bootstrapping New Language ASR Capabilities: Achieving Best Letter-to-Sound Performance under Resource Constraints

L06-1258 : E. Hovy; C. Lin; L. Zhou; J. Fukumoto
Automated Summarization Evaluation with Basic Elements.

L06-1259 : H. Kaji; M. Watanabe
Automatic Construction of Japanese WordNet

L06-1260 : M. Marneffe; B. Maccartney; C. Manning
Generating Typed Dependency Parses from Phrase Structure Parses

L06-1261 : S. Frota; M. Vigário; F. Martin
FreP: An electronic tool for extracting frequency information of phonological units from Portuguese written text

L06-1262 : U. Petersen
Querying Both Parallel And Treebank Corpora: Evaluation Of A Corpus Query System

L06-1263 : L. Zhou; C. Lin; E. Hovy
Summarizing Answers for Complicated Questions

L06-1265 : M. Monachini; N. Calzolari; K. Choukri; J. Friedrich; G. Maltese; M. Mammini; J. Odijk; M. Ulivieri
Unified Lexicon and Unified Morphosyntactic Specifications for Written and Spoken Italian

L06-1266 : R. Melz; P. Ryu; K. Choi
Compiling large language resources using lexical similarity metrics for domain taxonomy learning

L06-1267 : F. Pîrvan; D. Tufi
Tagset Mapping and Statistical Training Data Cleaning-up

L06-1268 : D. Tufis; E. Irimia
RoCo-News: A Hand Validated Journalistic Corpus of Romanian

L06-1269 : E. Bick
Turning a Dependency Treebank into a PSG-style Constituent Treebank

L06-1270 : D. Ştefãnescu; D. Tufi
Aligning Multilingual Thesauri

L06-1271 : R. Ion; A. Ceauşu; D. Tufiş
Dependency-Based Phrase Alignment

L06-1272 : A. Ceauşu; D. Ştefănescu; D. Tufiş
Acquis Communautaire Sentence Alignment using Support Vector Machines

L06-1273 : C. Grover; R. Tobin
Rule-Based Chunking and Reusability

L06-1274 : B. Hughes; T. Baldwin; S. Bird; J. Nicholson; A. Mackinlay
Reconsidering Language Identification for Written Language Resources

L06-1275 : Y. Senda; Y. Sinohara; M. Okumura
Automatic Terminology Intelligibility Estimation for Readership-oriented Technical Writing

L06-1276 : M. Lundälv; K. Mühlenbock; B. Farre; A. Brännström
SYMBERED - a Symbol-Concept Editing Tool

L06-1277 : Y. Zhang; V. Kordoni
Automated Deep Lexical Acquisition for Robust Open Texts Processing

L06-1278 : J. Martin; G. Caridakis; L. Devillers; K. Karpouzis; S. Abrilian
Manual Annotation and Automatic Image Processing of Multimodal Emotional Behaviours: Validating the Annotation of TV Interviews

L06-1279 : C. Krstev; R. Stanković; D. Vitas; I. Obradović
WS4LR: A Workstation for Lexical Resources

L06-1280 : K. Kipper; A. Korhonen; N. Ryant; M. Palmer
Extending VerbNet with Novel Verb Classes

L06-1281 : J. Pustejovsky; C. Havasi; J. Littman; A. Rumshisky; M. Verhagen
Towards a Generative Lexical Resource: The Brandeis Semantic Ontology

L06-1282 : H. Dybkjær; L. Dybkjær
Act-Topic Patterns for Automatically Checking Dialogue Models

L06-1283 : D. Rojas; T. Aikawa
Predicting MT Quality as a Function of the Source Language

L06-1284 : P. Mazur; R. Dale
Named Entity Extraction with Conjunction Disambiguation

L06-1285 : M. Boekestein; G. Depoorter; R. Veenendaal
Functioning of the Centre for Dutch Language and Speech Technology

L06-1286 : B. Maegaard; L. Offersgaard; L. Henriksen; H. Jansen; X. Lepetit; C. Navarretta; C. Povlsen
The MULINCO corpus and corpus platform

L06-1287 : C. Soria; M. Tesconi; F. Bertagna; N. Calzolari; A. Marchetti; M. Monachini
Moving to dynamic computational lexicons with LeXFlow

L06-1288 : C. Sporleder; M. Erp; T. Porcelijn; A. Bosch; P. Arntzen
Identifying Named Entities in Text Databases from the Natural History Domain

L06-1289 : H. Somers; G. Evans; Z. Mohamed
Developing Speech Synthesis for Under-Resourced Languages by "Faking it": An Experiment with Somali

L06-1290 : D. Ciobanu; T. Hartley; S. Sharoff
Using Richly Annotated Trilingual Language Resources for Acquiring Reading Skills in a Foreign Language

L06-1291 : G. Ajani; G. Boella; L. Lesmo; M. Martin; A. Mazze
A Development Tool For Multilingual Ontology-based Conceptual

L06-1292 : B. Maegaard; J. Fenstad; L. Ahrenberg; K. Kvale; K. Mühlenbock; B. Heid
KUNSTI - Knowledge Generation for Norwegian Language Technology

L06-1293 : P. Halácsy; A. Kornai; C. Oravecz; V. Trón; D. Varga
Using a morphological analyzer in high precision POS tagging of Hungarian

L06-1294 : D. Widdows; A. Toumouh; B. Dorow; A. Lehireche
Ongoing Developments in Automatically Adapting Lexical Resources to the Biomedical Domain

L06-1295 : R. Savy; F. Cutugno; C. Crocco
Multilevel corpus analysis: generating and querying an AGset of spoken Italian (SpIt-MDb).

L06-1296 : B. Hughes; D. Gibbon; T. Trippel
Feature-based Encoding and Querying Language Resources with Character Semantics

L06-1297 : R. Subba; B. Eugenio; E. Terenzi
Building lexical resources for PrincPar, a large coverage parser that generates principled semantic representations

L06-1298 : K. Uchimoto; N. Hayashida; T. Ishida; H. Isahara
Automatic Detection and Semi-Automatic Revision of Non-Machine-Translatable Parts of a Sentence

L06-1299 : I. Maks; B. Boelhouwer
Exploring opportunities for Comparability and Enrichment by Linking lexical databases

L06-1300 : H. Saggion
Multilingual Multidocument Summarization Tools and Evaluation

L06-1301 : O. Ferret
Building a network of topical relations from a corpus

L06-1302 : P. Bouquet; L. Serafini; S. Zanobini
The role of lexical resources in matching classification schemas

L06-1303 : M. Maragoudakis; K. Kermanidis; A. Garbis; N. Fakotakis
Dealing with Imbalanced Data using Bayesian Techniques

L06-1304 : J. Benedí; E. Lleida; A. Varona; M. Castro; I. Galiano; R. Justo; I. López de Letona; A. Miguel
Design and acquisition of a telephone spontaneous speech dialogue corpus in Spanish: DIHANA

L06-1305 : R. Osswald; H. Helbig; S. Hartrumpf
The Representation of German Prepositional Verbs in a Semantically Based Computer Lexicon

L06-1306 : Y. Chiao; O. Kraif; D. Laurent; T. Nguyen; N. Semmar; F. Stuck; J. Véronis; W. Zaghouani
Evaluation of multilingual text alignment systems: the ARCADE II project

L06-1307 : F. Bertagna
Representation and Inference for Open-Domain QA: Strength and Limits of two Italian Semantic Lexicons

L06-1308 : A. Abdelsapor; N. Adly; K. Darwish; O. Emam; W. Magdy; M. Nagi
Building a Heterogeneous Information Retrieval Collection of Printed Arabic Documents

L06-1309 : S. Luz; M. Bouamrane; M. Masoodian
Gathering a corpus of multimodal computer-mediated meetings

L06-1310 : D. Athanassia-lida; A. Chalamandaris
Language identification from suprasegmental cues: Speech synthesis of Greek utterances from different dialectal variations.

L06-1311 : R. Levy; G. Andrew
Tregex and Tsurgeon: tools for querying and manipulating tree data structures

L06-1312 : L. Gillard; P. Bellot; M. El-bèze
Question Answering Evaluation Survey

L06-1313 : B. Magnini; E. Pianta; C. Girardi; M. Negri; L. Romano; M. Speranza; V. Lenzi; R. Sprugnoli
I-CAB: the Italian Content Annotation Bank

L06-1314 : B. Maegaard; S. Krauwer; K. Choukri; L. Jørgensen
The BLARK concept and BLARK for Arabic

L06-1315 : G. Pardelli; M. Sassi; S. Goggi; P. Orsolini
Natural Language Processing: A Terminological and Statistical Approach

L06-1316 : S. Verberne; L. Boves; N. Oostdijk; P. Coppen
Data for question answering: The case of why

L06-1317 : K. Simov; P. Osenova
Shallow Semantic Annotation of Bulgarian

L06-1318 : C. Cieri; W. Andrews; J. Campbell; G. Doddington; J. Godfrey; S. Huang; M. Liberman; A. Martin; H. Nakasone; M. Przybocki; K. Walker
The Mixer and Transcript Reading Corpora: Resources for Multilingual, Crosschannel Speaker Recognition Research

L06-1319 : S. Abrilian; L. Devillers; J. Martin
Annotation of Emotions in Real-Life Video Interviews: Variability between Coders

L06-1320 : Y. Chou; C. Huang
Hantology-A Linguistic Resource for Chinese Language Processing and Studying

L06-1321 : M. Gavrilidou; P. Labropoulou; S. Piperidis; V. Giouli; N. Calzolari; M. Monachini; C. Soria; K. Choukri
Language Resources Production Models: the Case of the INTERA Multilingual Corpus and Terminology

L06-1322 : K. Kanzaki; Q. Ma; E. Yamamoto; H. Isahara
Semantic Analysis of Abstract Nouns to Compile a Thesaurus of Adjectives

L06-1323 : K. Erk; S. Pado
Shalmaneser - A Toolchain For Shallow Semantic Parsing

L06-1324 : V. Tablan; T. Polajnar; H. Cunningham; K. Bontcheva
User-friendly ontology authoring using a controlled language

L06-1325 : L. Hasler; C. Orasan; K. Naumann
NPs for Events: Experiments in Coreference Annotation

L06-1326 : A. Mendes; S. Antunes; M. Nascimento; J. Casteleiro; L. Pereira; T. Sá
COMBINA-PT: A Large Corpus-extracted and Hand-checked Lexical Database of Portuguese Multiword Expressions

L06-1327 : D. Graff; T. Buckwalter; M. Maamouri; H. Jin
Lexicon Development for Varieties of Spoken Colloquial Arabic

L06-1328 : A. Patry; F. Gotti; P. Langlais
MOOD: A Modular Object-Oriented Decoder for Statistical Machine Translation

L06-1329 : M. Maamouri; A. Bies; T. Buckwalter; M. Diab; N. Habash; O. Rambow; D. Tabessi
Developing and Using a Pilot Dialectal Arabic Treebank

L06-1330 : B. Megyesi; A. Hein; É. Johanson
Building a Swedish-Turkish Parallel Corpus

L06-1331 : H. Saggion; R. Gaizauskas
Language Resources for Background Gathering

L06-1332 : J. Medero; K. Maeda; S. Strassel; C. Walker
An Efficient Approach to Gold-Standard Annotation: Decision Points for Complex Tasks

L06-1333 : S. Klatt
A Corpus-based Approach to the Interpretation of Unknown Words with an Application to German

L06-1334 : S. Rosset; S. Petel
The Ritel Corpus - An annotated Human-Machine open-domain question answering spoken dialog corpus

L06-1335 : A. Feldman; J. Hana; C. Brew
A Cross-language Approach to Rapid Creation of New Morpho-syntactically Annotated Resources

L06-1336 : I. Michailidis; K. Diamantaras; S. Vasileiadis; Y. Frère
Greek Named Entity Recognition using Support Vector Machines, Maximum Entropy and Onetime

L06-1337 : A. Korhonen; Y. Krymolowski; T. Briscoe
A Large Subcategorization Lexicon for Natural Language Processing Applications

L06-1338 : N. Ide; K. Suderman
Integrating Linguistic Resources: The American National Corpus Model

L06-1339 : N. Ide; L. Romary
Representing Linguistic Corpora and Their Annotations

L06-1340 : Z. Huang; L. Chen; M. Harper
An Open Source Prosodic Feature Extraction Tool

L06-1341 : A. Andreevskaia; S. Bergler
Semantic Tag Extraction from WordNet Glosses

L06-1342 : K. Kuroda; M. Utiyama; H. Isahara
Getting Deeper Semantics than Berkeley FrameNet with MSFA

L06-1343 : E. Alfonseca; A. Moreno-sandoval; J. Guirao; M. Ruiz-casado
The wraetlic NLP suite

L06-1344 : T. Ohta; Y. Tateisi; J. Kim; A. Yakushiji; J. Tsujii
Linguistic and Biological Annotations of Biological Interaction Events

L06-1345 : K. Tenfjord; P. Meurer; K. Hofland
The ASK Corpus - a Language Learner Corpus of Norwegian as a Second Language

L06-1346 : I. Kruijff-korbayová; K. Chvatalova; O. Postolache
Annotation Guidelines for Czech-English Word Alignment

L06-1347 : J. Segouat; A. Braffort; E. Martin
Sign Language corpus analysis: Synchronisation of linguistic annotation and numerical data

L06-1348 : G. Francopoulo; M. George; N. Calzolari; M. Monachini; N. Bel; M. Pet; C. Soria
Lexical Markup Framework (LMF)

L06-1349 : B. Pouliquen; M. Kimler; R. Steinberger; C. Ignat; T. Oellinger; K. Blackler; F. Fluart; W. Zaghouani; A. Widiger; A. Forslund; C. Best
Geocoding Multilingual Texts: Recognition, Disambiguation and Visualisation

L06-1350 : B. Pedersen
Query Expansion on Compounds

L06-1351 : T. Charoenporn; C. Kruengkrai; T. Theeramunkong; V. Sornlertlamvanich; H. Isahara
Word Knowledge Acquisition for Computational Lexicon Construction

L06-1352 : W. Peters; M. Sagri; D. Tiscornia; S. Castagnoli
The LOIS Project

L06-1353 : J. Vaneyghen; G. Pauw; D. Compernolle; W. Daelemans
A mixed word / morphological approach for extending CELEX for high coverage on contemporary large corpora

L06-1354 : A. Roventini
Linking Verbal Entries of Different Lexical Resources

L06-1355 : O. Hamon; A. Popescu-belis; K. Choukri; M. Dabbadie; A. Hartley; W. Mustafa El Hadi; M. Rajman; I. Timimi
CESTA: First Conclusions of the Technolangue MT Evaluation Campaign

L06-1356 : A. Meur; M. Derouin
Lemma-oriented dictionaries, concept-oriented terminology and translation memories

L06-1357 : M. Umbert; A. Moreno; P. Agüero; A. Bonafonte
Spanish Synthesis Corpora

L06-1358 : P. Ircing; J. Hoidekr; J. Psutka
Exploiting Linguistic Knowledge in Language Modeling of Czech Spontaneous Speech

L06-1359 : M. Slavcheva
Semantic Descriptors: The Case of Reflexive Verbs

L06-1360 : G. Neumann; B. Crysmann
Exploring HPSG-based Treebanks for Probabilistic Parsing HPSG grammar extraction

L06-1361 : R. Marinelli; R. Bindi
Proper Names and Linguistic Dynamics

L06-1362 : S. Bosch; L. Pretorius; J. Jones
Towards machine-readable lexicons for South African Bantu languages

L06-1363 : G. Lechenadec; V. Maffiolo; N. Chateau; J. Colletta
Creation of a corpus of multimodal spontaneous expressions of emotions in Human-Machine Interaction

L06-1364 : Y. Hayashi; T. Ishida
A Dictionary Model for Unifying Machine Readable Dictionaries and Computational Concept Lexicons

L06-1365 : R. Marinelli; A. Roventini; G. Spadoni
Using Core Ontology for Domain Lexicon Structuring

L06-1366 : W. Abramowicz; A. Filipowska; J. Piskorski; K. Węcel; K. Wieloc
Linguistic Suite for Polish Cadastral System

L06-1367 : H. Kawanami; T. Kitamura; K. Shikano
Long-term Analysis of Prosodic Features of Spoken Guidance System User Speech

L06-1368 : V. Nováček; P. Smrž; J. Pomikálek
Text Mining for Semantic Relations as a Support Base of a Scientific Portal Generator

L06-1369 : R. Bernardi; A. Bolognesi; C. Seidenari; F. Tamburini
POS tagset design for Italian

L06-1370 : K. Inui; T. Hirano; R. Iida; A. Fujita; Y. Matsumoto
Augmenting a Semantic Verb Lexicon with a Large Scale Collection of Example Sentences

L06-1371 : C. Onelli; D. Poietti; C. Seidenari; F. Tamburini
The DiaCORIS project: a diachronic corpus of written Italian

L06-1372 : E. Agirre; I. Aldezabal; J. Etxeberria; E. Pociello
A Preliminary Study for Building the Basque PropBank

L06-1373 : E. Yamamoto; K. Kanzaki; H. Isahara
Detection of inconsistencies in concept classifications in a large dictionary — Toward an improvement of the EDR electronic dictionary —

L06-1374 : E. Agirre; I. Aldezabal; J. Etxeberria; E. Izagirre; K. Mendizabal; E. Pociello; M. Quintian
A methodology for the joint development of the Basque WordNet and Semcor

L06-1375 : J. Hoidekr; J. Psutka; A. Pražák; J. Psutka
Benefit of a Class-based Language Model for Real-time Closed-captioning of TV Ice-hockey Commentaries

L06-1376 : S. Anstein; G. Kremer; U. Reyle
Identifying and Classifying Terms in the Life Sciences: The Case of Chemical Terminology

L06-1377 : M. Lafourcade
Conceptual Vector Learning - Comparing Bootstrapping from a Thesaurus or Induction by Emergence

L06-1378 : E. Luca; A. Nürnberger
Rebuilding Lexical Resources for Information Retrieval using Sense Folder Detection and Merging Methods

L06-1379 : P. Smrž
Automatic Acquisition of Semantics-Extraction Patterns

L06-1380 : L. Cyrus
Building a resource for studying translation shifts

L06-1381 : C. Draxler; K. Jänsch
Speech Recordings in Public Schools in Germany - the Perfect Show Case for Web-based Recordings and Annotation

L06-1382 : B. Tsou; T. Lai; K. Sin; L. Cheung
Court Stenography-To-Text (“STT”) in Hong Kong: A Jurilinguistic Engineering Effort

L06-1383 : D. Beermann; L. Hellan
Word Sense Disambiguation and Semantic Disambiguation for Construction Types in Deep Processing Grammars

L06-1384 : D. Reidsma; D. Heylen; R. Ordelman
Annotating Emotions in Meetings

L06-1385 : H. Bonneau-maynard; C. Ayache; F. Bechet; A. Denis; A. Kuhn; F. Lefevre; D. Mostefa; M. Quignard; S. Rosset; C. Servan; J. Villaneau
Results of the French Evalda-Media evaluation campaign for literal understanding

L06-1386 : J. Kuhn; M. Jellinghaus
Multilingual parallel treebanking: a lean and flexible approach

L06-1387 : J. Mauclair; Y. Estève; S. Petit-renaud; P. Deléglise
Automatic Detection of Well Recognized Words in Automatic Speech Transcriptions

L06-1388 : F. Calzolari; E. Sassolini; M. Sassi; S. Cucurullo; E. Picchi; F. Bertagna; A. Enea; M. Monachini; C. Soria; N. Calzolari
Next Generation Language Resources using Grid

L06-1389 : S. Nimb
LEXADV - a multilingual semantic Lexicon for Adverbs

L06-1390 : V. Giouli; A. Konstandinidis; E. Desypri; H. Papageorgiou
Multi-domain Multi-lingual Named Entity Recognition: Revisiting & Grounding the resources issue

L06-1391 : R. Passonneau; N. Habash; O. Rambow
Inter-annotator Agreement on a Multilingual Semantic Annotation Task

L06-1392 : R. Passonneau
Measuring Agreement on Set-valued Items (MASI) for Semantic and Pragmatic Annotation

L06-1393 : T. Akiba
Exploiting Dynamic Passage Retrieval for Spoken Question Recognition and Context Processing towards Speech-driven Information Access Dialogue

L06-1394 : M. Verhagen; R. Knippen; I. Mani; J. Pustejovsky
Annotation of Temporal Relations with Tango

L06-1395 : P. Paggio
Annotating Information Structure in a Corpus of Spoken Danish

L06-1396 : U. Quasthoff; M. Richter; C. Biemann
Corpus Portal for Search in Monolingual Corpora

L06-1397 : T. Vanrullen; P. Blache; J. Balfourier
Constraint-Based Parsing as an Efficient Solution: Results from the Parsing Evaluation Campaign EASy

L06-1398 : A. Eisele
Parallel Corpora and Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation for New Language Pairs via Multiple Intermediaries

L06-1399 : K. Miller; M. Vanni; O. Rambow; B. Dorr; D. Farwell; R. Green; N. Habash; S. Helmreich; E. Hovy; L. Levin; K. Miller; T. Mitamura; F. Reeder; A. Siddharthan
Parallel Syntactic Annotation of Multiple Languages

L06-1400 : S. Galliano; E. Geoffrois; G. Gravier; J. Bonastre; D. Mostefa; K. Choukri
Corpus description of the ESTER Evaluation Campaign for the Rich Transcription of French Broadcast News

L06-1401 : J. Soler; P. Cerezo; C. Ávila; D. Merino
Usability evaluation of 3G multimodal services in Telefónica Móviles España

L06-1402 : M. Miháltz; G. Pohl
Exploiting Parallel Corpora for Supervised Word-Sense Disambiguation in English-Hungarian Machine Translation

L06-1403 : P. Filipe; N. Mamede
A Framework to Integrate Ubiquitous Knowledge Modeling

L06-1404 : F. Dell’orletta; A. Lenci; S. Montemagni; V. Pirrelli
Searching treebanks for functional constraints: cross-lingual experiments in grammatical relation assignment

L06-1405 : T. Declerck
SynAF: Towards a Standard for Syntactic Annotation

L06-1406 : C. Ayache; B. Grau; A. Vilnat
EQueR: the French Evaluation campaign of Question-Answering Systems

L06-1407 : M. Nascimento; J. Gonçalves; L. Pereira; A. Estrela; A. Pereira; R. Santos; S. Oliveira
The African Varieties of Portuguese: Compiling Comparable Corpora and Analyzing Data-Derived Lexicon

L06-1408 : B. Tsou; O. Kwong
Toward a Pan-Chinese Thesaurus

L06-1409 : N. Oostdijk; L. Boves
User requirements analysis for the design of a reference corpus of written Dutch

L06-1410 : B. Grau; A. Ligozat; I. Robba; A. Vilnat; L. Monceau
FRASQUES: A Question Answering system in the EQueR evaluation campaign

L06-1411 : G. Hodász
Evaluation Methods of a Linguistically Enriched Translation Memory System

L06-1412 : A. Simões; J. Almeida
T2O - Recycling Thesauri into a Multilingual Ontology

L06-1413 : S. Amsalu
Data-driven Amharic-English Bilingual Lexicon Acquisition

L06-1414 : J. Tiedemann
ISA & ICA - Two Web Interfaces for Interactive Alignment of Bitexts alignment of parallel texts

L06-1415 : P. Strauß; H. Hoffman; W. Minker; H. Neumann; G. Palm; S. Scherer; F. Schwenker; H. Traue; W. Walter; U. Weidenbacher
Wizard-of-Oz Data Collection for Perception and Interaction in Multi-User Environments

L06-1416 : N. Underwood; A. Lisowska
The Evolution of an Evaluation Framework for a Text Mining System

L06-1417 : E. Westerhout; P. Monachesi
A pilot study for a Corpus of Dutch Aphasic Speech (CoDAS)

L06-1418 : J. Bungeroth; D. Stein; P. Dreuw; M. Zahedi; H. Ney
A German Sign Language Corpus of the Domain Weather Report

L06-1419 : R. Bartolini; C. Caracciolo; E. Giovannetti; A. Lenci; S. Marchi; V. Pirrelli; C. Renso; L. Spinsanti
Creation and Use of Lexicons and Ontologies for NL Interfaces to Databases

L06-1420 : A. Mulloni; V. Pekar
Automatic Detection of Orthographics Cues for Cognate Recognition

L06-1421 : T. Baldwin; S. Awab
Open Source Corpus Analysis Tools for Malay

L06-1422 : F. Ibekwe-sanjuan
A task-oriented framework for evaluating theme detection systems: A discussion paper

L06-1423 : A. Moreno; A. Febrer; L. Márquez
Generation of Language Resources for the Development of Speech Technologies in Catalan

L06-1424 : G. Puscasu; R. Mitkov
If “it” were “then”, then when was “it”? Establishing the anaphoric role of “then”

L06-1425 : V. Trón; P. Halácsy; P. Rebrus; A. Rung; P. Vajda; E. Simon Hungarian lexical database and morphological grammar

L06-1426 : P. Le; T. Nguyen; L. Romary; A. Roussanaly
A Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammar for Vietnamese

L06-1427 : S. Cinkova; P. Pecina; P. Podvesky; P. Schlesinger
Semi-automatic Building of Swedish Collocation Lexicon

L06-1428 : D. Oliver; K. Szklanny
Creation and analysis of a Polish speech database for use in unit selection synthesis

L06-1429 : J. Kinoshita; L. Salvador; C. Menezes
CoGrOO: a Brazilian-Portuguese Grammar Checker based on the CETENFOLHA Corpus

L06-1430 : S. Schaden
Evaluation of Automatically Generated Transcriptions of Non-Native Pronunciations using a Phonetic Distance Measure

L06-1431 : I. Chiari
Slips and errors in spoken data transcription

L06-1432 : M. Ueyama
Evaluation of Web-based Corpora: Effects of Seed Selection and Time Interval

L06-1433 : J. Iria; C. Brewster; F. Ciravegna; Y. Wilks
An Incremental Tri-Partite Approach To Ontology Learning

L06-1434 : T. Pellegrini; L. Lamel
Experimental detection of vowel pronunciation variants in Amharic

L06-1435 : R. Catizone; A. Dalli; Y. Wilks
Evaluating Automatically Generated Timelines from the Web

L06-1436 : I. Kruijff-korbayova; T. Becker; N. Blaylock; C. Gerstenberger; M. Kaisser; P. Poller; V. Rieser; J. Schehl
The SAMMIE Corpus of Multimodal Dialogues with an MP3 Player

L06-1437 : R. Passonneau; R. Blitz; D. Elson; A. Giral; J. Klavans
CLiMB ToolKit: A Case Study of Iterative Evaluation in a Multidisciplinary Project

L06-1438 : A. Rumshisky; J. Pustejovsky
Inducing Sense-Discriminating Context Patterns from Sense-Tagged Corpora

L06-1439 : M. Kouylekov; B. Magnini
Building a Large-Scale Repository of Textual Entailment Rules

L06-1440 : A. Moschitti; R. Basili
A Tree Kernel approach to Question and Answer Classification in Question Answering Systems

L06-1441 : P. Mareüil; C. D’alessandro; A. Raake; G. Bailly; M. Garcia; M. Morel
A joint intelligibility evaluation of French text-to-speech synthesis systems: the EvaSy SUS/ACR campaign

L06-1442 : W. Anderson; P. Kotzé
Finite state tokenisation of an orthographical disjunctive agglutinative language: The verbal segment of Northern Sotho

L06-1443 : J. Couturier; S. Neuvel; P. Drouin
Applying Lexical Constraints on Morpho-Syntactic Patterns for the Identification of Conceptual-Relational Content in Specialized Texts

L06-1444 : K. Pastra
Beyond Multimedia Integration: corpora and annotations for cross-media decision mechanisms

L06-1445 : Y. Nitta; M. Saraki; S. Ikehara
Building Carefully Tagged Bilingual Corpora to Cope with Linguistic Idiosyncrasy

L06-1446 : R. Sauri; M. Verhagen; J. Pustejovsk
SlinkET: A Partial Modal Parser for Events

L06-1447 : C. Cieri; M. Liberman
More Data and Tools for More Languages and Research Areas: A Progress Report on LDC Activities

L06-1448 : A. Bonafonte; H. Höge; I. Kiss; A. Moreno; U. Ziegenhain; H. Heuvel; H. Hain; X. Wang; M. Garcia
TC-STAR:Specifications of Language Resources and Evaluation for Speech Synthesis

L06-1449 : M. Voghera; F. Cutugno
An observatory on Spoken Italian linguistic resources and descriptive standards.

L06-1450 : K. Smaïli; C. Lavecchia; J. Haton
Linguistic features modeling based on Partial New Cache

L06-1451 : S. Schulz; K. Markó; P. Daumke; U. Hahn; S. Hanser; P. Nohama; R. Andrade; E. Pacheco; M. Romacker
Semantic Atomicity and Multilinguality in the Medical Domain: Design Considerations for the MorphoSaurus Subword Lexicon

L06-1452 : M. Salmenkivi
Finding representative sets of dialect words for geographical regions

L06-1453 : O. Uryupina
Coreference Resolution with and without Linguistic Knowledge

L06-1454 : K. Miller; M. Vanni
Formal v. Informal: Register-Differentiated Arabic MT Evaluation in the PLATO Paradigm

L06-1455 : O. Hamon; M. Rajman
X-Score: Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation Grammaticality

L06-1456 : R. Navigli
Reducing the Granularity of a Computational Lexicon via an Automatic Mapping to a Coarse-Grained Sense Inventory

L06-1457 : D. Gibbon; F. Fernandes; T. Trippel
A BLARK extension for temporal annotation mining

L06-1458 : M. Schiehlen; K. Spranger
The Mass-Count Distinction: Acquisition and Disambiguation

L06-1459 : A. Cole
Corpus Development and Publication

L06-1460 : D. Gibbon; S. Tseng
Discourse functions of duration in Mandarin: resource design and implementation

L06-1461 : L. Lesmo; L. Robaldo
From Natural Language to Databases via Ontologies

L06-1462 : A. Nazarenko; E. Alphonse; J. Derivière; T. Hamon; G. Vauvert; D. Weissenbacher
The ALVIS Format for Linguistically Annotated Documents

L06-1463 : A. Raake; B. Katz
US-based Method for Speech Reception Threshold Measurement in French

L06-1464 : S. Strassel; C. Cieri; A. Cole; D. Dipersio; M. Liberman; X. Ma; M. Maamouri; K. Maeda
Integrated Linguistic Resources for Language Exploitation Technologies

L06-1465 : X. Ma
Champollion: A Robust Parallel Text Sentence Aligner

L06-1466 : F. Behrens; J. Milde
The Eclipse Annotator: an extensible system for multimodal corpus creation

L06-1467 : H. Papageorgiou; E. Desipri; M. Koutsombogera; K. Pouli; P. Prokopidis
Adding multi-layer semantics to the Greek Dependency Treebank

L06-1468 : C. Bosco; V. Lombardo
Comparing linguistic information in treebank annotations

L06-1469 : N. Cucurullo; S. Montemagni; M. Paoli; E. Picchi; E. Sassolini
Dialectal resources on-line: the ALT-Web experience

L06-1470 : X. Ma; C. Cieri
Corpus Support for Machine Translation at LDC

L06-1471 : A. Bies; S. Strassel; H. Lee; K. Maeda; S. Kulick; Y. Liu; M. Harper; M. Lease
Linguistic Resources for Speech Parsing

L06-1472 : T. Obrebski; M. Stolarski
UAM Text Tools - a flexible NLP architecture

L06-1473 : M. Geilfuss; J. Milde
SAM - an annotation editor for parallel texts

L06-1474 : H. Uszkoreit; F. Xu; J. Steffen; I. Aslan
The pragmatic combination of different crosslingual resources

L06-1475 : N. Habash; C. Mah; S. Imran; R. Calistri-yeh; P. Sheridan
Design, Construction and Validation of an Arabic-English Conceptual Interlingua for Cross-lingual Information Retrieval

L06-1476 : G. Vetulani; Z. Vetulani; T. Obrębski
Syntactic Lexicon of Polish Predicative Nouns

L06-1477 : A. Alonge
The Italian Metaphor Database

L06-1478 : J. Iria; F. Ciravegna
A Methodology and Tool for Representing Language Resources for Information Extraction

L06-1479 : H. Halpin
Automatic Evaluation and Composition of NLP Pipelines with Web Services

L06-1480 : H. Bunt; A. Schiffrin
Methodological Aspects of Semantic Annotation

L06-1481 : W. Gegg-harrison; D. Byron
PYCOT: An Optimality Theory-based Pronoun Resolution Toolkit

L06-1482 : E. Barker; R. Higashinaka; F. Mairesse; R. Gaizauskas; M. Walker; J. Foster
Simulating Cub Reporter Dialogues: The collection of naturalistic human-human dialogues for information access to text archives

L06-1483 : J. Ko; L. Hiyakumoto; E. Nyberg
Exploiting Multiple Semantic Resources for Answer Selection

L06-1484 : K. Maeda; C. Cieri; K. Walker
Low-cost Customized Speech Corpus Creation for Speech Technology Applications

L06-1485 : J. Niekrasz; J. Gruenstein
NOMOS: A Semantic Web Software Framework for Annotation of Multimodal Corpora

L06-1486 : C. Benzmüller; H. Horacek; H. Lesourd; I. Kruijff-korbayova; M. Schiller; M. Wolska
A corpus of tutorial dialogs on theorem proving; the influence of the presentation of the study-material

L06-1487 : J. Laoudi; C. Tate; C. Voss
Task-based MT Evaluation: From Who/When/Where Extraction to Event Understanding

L06-1488 : K. Maeda; H. Lee; J. Medero; S. Strassel
A New Phase in Annotation Tool Development at the Linguistic Data Consortium: The Evolution of the Annotation Graph Toolkit

L06-1489 : H. Shima; M. Wang; F. Lin; T. Mitamura
Modular Approach to Error Analysis and Evaluation for Multilingual Question Answering

L06-1490 : J. Ko; F. Murase; T. Mitamura; E. Nyberg; M. Tateishi; I. Akahori
Analyzing the Effects of Spoken Dialog Systems on Driving Behavior

L06-1491 : M. Balasubramanya; M. Higgins; P. Lucas; J. Senn; D. Widdows
Collaborative Annotation that Lasts Forever: Using Peer-to-Peer Technology for Disseminating Corpora and Language Resources

L06-1492 : V. Rus; A. Graesser
The Look and Feel of a Confident Entailer

L06-1493 : G. Marton; B. Katz
Using Semantic Overlap Scoring in Answering TREC Relationship Questions

L06-1494 : F. Lacatusu; A. Hickl; S. Harabagiu
Impact of Question Decomposition on the Quality of Answer Summaries

L06-1495 : S. Harabagiu; C. Human
An Answer Bank for Temporal Inference

L06-1496 : P. Morărescu
Principles for annotating and reasoning with spatial information

L06-1497 : S. Li; Q. Lu; W. Li; R. Xu
Interaction between Lexical Base and Ontology with Formal Concept Analysis

L06-1498 : R. Kongkachandra; K. Chamnongthai
Semantic-Based Keyword Recovery Function for Keyword Extraction System

L06-1499 : R. Xu; Q. Lu; S. Li
The Design and Construction of A Chinese Collocation Bank

L06-1500 : N. Ruimy
Merging two Ontology-based Lexical Resources

L06-1501 : A. Nimaan; P. Nocera; J. Bonastre
Towards automatic transcription of Somali language

L06-1502 : S. Burger; Z. Sloane; J. Yang
Competitive Evaluation of Commercially Available Speech Recognizers in Multiple Languages

L06-1503 : K. Laskowski; S. Burger
Annotation and Analysis of Emotionally Relevant Behavior in the ISL Meeting Corpus

L06-1504 : S. Elkateb; W. Black; H. Rodríguez; M. Alkhalifa; E. Aribau; P. Vossen; A. Pease; C. Fellbaum
Building a WordNet for Arabic

L06-1505 : B. Sagot; P. Boullier
Deep non-probabilistic parsing of large corpora

L06-1506 : M. Brekke; K. Innselset; M. Kristiansen; K. Øvsthus
Automatic Term Extraction from Knowledge Bank of Economics

L06-1507 : A. Klassmann; F. Offenga; D. Broeder; R. Skiba; P. Wittenburg
Comparison of Resource Discovery Methods

L06-1508 : P. Lucas; M. Balasubramanya; D. Widdows; M. Higgins
The Information Commons Gazetteer

L06-1509 : B. Sagot; L. Clément; E. Villemonte de la Clergerie; P. Boullier
The Lefff 2 syntactic lexicon for French: architecture, acquisition, use

L06-1510 : N. Ruimy
Structuring a Domain Vocabulary in a General Knowledge Environment

L06-1511 : A. Geyken; N. Schrader
LexikoNet - a lexical database based on type and role hierarchies

L06-1512 : D. Mostefa; O. Hamon; K. Choukri
Evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech Language Translation within TC-STAR:Results from the first evaluation campaign

L06-1513 : D. Mostefa; M. Garcia; K. Choukri
Evaluation of multimodal components within CHIL: The evaluation packages and results

L06-1514 : C. Peters
The Impact of Evaluation on Multilingual Information Retrieval System Development

L06-1515 : B. Magnini; D. Giampicollo; L. Aunimo; C. Ayache; P. Osenova; A. Peñas; M. Rijke; B. Sacaleanu; D. Santos; R. Sutcliffe
The Multilingual Question Answering Track at CLEF

L06-1516 : M. Garcia; C. D’alessandro; G. Bailly; P. Mareüil; M. Morel
A joint prosody evaluation of French text-to-speech synthesis systems