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Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL)

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1999 EACL 1999: CoNLL-99 Computational Natural Language Learning


  1. EACL 1999: CoNLL-99 Computational Natural Language Learning

  2. W99-0700: Front Matter

  3. W99-0701: Chunyu Kitt; Yorick Wilks
    Unsupervised Learning of Word Boundary with Description Length Gain
  4. W99-0702: Andrd Kemp
    Experiments in Unsupervised Entropy-Based Corpus Segmentation
  5. W99-0703: Kemal Oflazer; Sergei Nirenburg
    Practical Bootstrapping of Morphological Analyzers
  6. W99-0704: Stephan Raaijmakers
    Finding Representations for Memory-Based Language Learning
  7. W99-0705: Torbjorn Lager
    The u-TBL System: Logic Programming Tools for Transformation-Based Learning
  8. W99-0706: Lisa Ferro; Marc Vilain; Alexander Yeh
    Learning Transformation Rules to Find Grammatical Relations
  9. W99-0707: Walter Daelemans; Sabine Buchholz; Jorn Veenstra
    Memory-Based Shallow Parsing
  10. W99-0708: Miles Osborne
    MDL-based DCG Induction for NP Identification