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Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL)

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1998 New Methods in Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning


  1. New Methods in Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning

  2. W98-1200: Front Matter

  3. W98-1201: Walter Daelemans
  4. W98-1202: Michael Towsey; Joachim Diederich; lngo Schellhammer; Stephan Chalup; Claudia Brugman
    Natural Language Learning by Recurrent Neural Networks: A Comparison wRh probabilistic approaches
  5. W98-1203: Sandra Kubler
    Learning a Lexicalized Grammar for German
  6. W98-1204: Rene Schneider
    A Lexically-Intensive Algorithm for Domain-Specific Knowlegde Acquisition
  7. W98-1205: Andrd Kempe
    Look-Back and Look-Ahead in the Conversion of Hidden Markov Models into Finite State Transducers
  8. W98-1206: Mark Johnson
    The effect of alternative tree epresentatmns on tree bank grammars
  9. W98-1207: Thorsten Brants; Wojciech Skut
    Automation of Treebank Annotation
  10. W98-1208: Hamish Cunningham; Mark Stevenson; Yorick Wilks
    Implementing a Sense Tagger in a General Architecture for Text Engineering
  11. W98-1209: Ingo Schellhammer; Joachim Diederich; Michael Towsey; Claudia Brugman
    Knowledge Extraction and Recurrent Neural Networks: An Analysis of an Elman Network trained on a Natural Language Learning Task
  12. W98-1210: Jason L. Hutchens; Michael D. Alder
    Finding Structure via Compression
  13. W98-1211: Christer Samuelsson
    Linguistic Theory in Statistical Language Learning
  14. W98-1212: Richard McConachy; Kevin B. Korb; Ingrid Zukerman
    A Bayesian Approach to Automating Argumentation
  15. W98-1213: Stephen J, Green
    Automatically generating hypertext in newspaper articles by computing semantic relatedness
  16. W98-1214: Emin Erkan Korkmaz; Gokturk Ucoluk
  17. W98-1215: Patrick Saint-Dizier
    Sense Variation and Lexical Semantics Generative Operations
  18. W98-1216: Harold Somers
    An Attempt to Use Weighted Cusums to Identify Sublanguages
  19. W98-1217: Patrick Juola
    Cross-Entropy and Linguistic Typology
  20. W98-1218: David M. W. Power
    Applications and Explanations of Zipf's Law
  21. W98-1219: Edmund Yuen; Greg Chase
    Proper Name Classification in an Information Extraction Toolset
  22. W98-1220: Robert Steele; David Powers
    Evolution and Evaluation of Document Retrieval Queries
  23. W98-1221: Ilyas Cicekli; Turgay Korkrmaz
    Generatlon of Simple Turkish Sentences with Systemic-Functional Grammar
  24. W98-1222: Ian Thomas; Ingrid Zukerman; Bhavani Raskutti
    Extracting Phoneme Pronunciation Information from Corpora
  25. W98-1223: Antal van den Bosch; Ton Weijters; Walter Daelemans
    Modularity in Inductively-Learned Word Pronunciation Systems
  26. W98-1224: Antal van den Bosch; Walter Daelemans
    Do Not Forget: Full Memory in Memory-Based Learning of Word Pronunciation
  27. W98-1225: Vera Kamphuis; Janos Sarbo
    Natural Language Concept Analysis
  28. W98-1226: J.Entwisle; D. M. W. Powers
    The Present Use of Statistics in the Evaluation of NLP Parsers
  29. W98-1227: Hiroki Imai; Hozumi Tanaka
    A Method of Incorporating Bigram Constraints into an LR Table and Its Effectiveness in Natural Language Processing
  30. W98-1228: James M. Hogan; Joachim Diederich; Gerard D. Finn
    Selective Attention and the Acquisition of Spatial Semantics
  31. W98-1229: Hideki Kozima; Akira Ito
    Towards Language Acquisition by an Attention-Sharing Robot
  32. W98-1230: Michael Carl
    A Constructivist Approach to Machine Translation
  33. W98-1231: Michael Carl; Antje Schmidt-Wigger
    Shallow Post Morphological Processing with KURD
  34. W98-1232: Erika F. de Lima
    Induction of a Stem Lexicon for Two-level Morphological Analysis
  35. W98-1233: Jason L. Hutchens; Michael D. Alder
    Introducing MegaHAL
  36. W98-1234: V.Bastin; D.Cordier
    Methods and tricks used in an attempt to pass the Turing Test
  37. W98-1235: David M. W. Powers
    The Total Turing Test and the Loebner Prize
  38. W98-1236: Zenshiro Kawasaki; Keiji Takida; Masato Tajima
    Language Model and Sentence Structure Manipulations for Natural Language Application Systems
  39. W98-1237: Bradley B. Custer
    Position Paper on Appropriate Audio/Visual Turing Test
  40. W98-1238: Tony C. Smith
    Learning Feature-Value Grammars from Plain Text
  41. W98-1239: Herve Dejean
    Morphemes as Necessary Concept for Structures Discovery from Untagged Corpora
  42. W98-1240: Christopher D. Manning
    The segmentation problem in morphology learning
  43. W98-1241: David M. W. Powers
    Reconciliation of Unsupervised Clustering, Segmentation and Cohesion
  44. W98-1242: Isabeile Tellier
    Syntactico-Semantic Learning of Categorial Grammars