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Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL)

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1997 CoNLL97: Computational Natural Language Learning


  1. CoNLL97: Computational Natural Language Learning

  2. W97-1000: Front Matter

  3. W97-1001: Amit Bagga; Joyce Yue Chai
    A Trainable Message Understanding System
  4. W97-1002: Mary Elaine Califf; Raymond J. Mooney
    Relational Learning of Pattern-Match Rules for Information Extraction
  5. W97-1003: Wide R. Hogenhout; Yuji Matsumoto
    A Preliminary Study of Word Clustering Based on Syntactic Behavior
  6. W97-1004: Ji Donghong; He Jun; Huang Changning
    Learning New Compositions from Given Ones
  7. W97-1005: Mehmet Kayaalp; Ted Pedersen; Rebecca Bruce
    A Statistical Decision Making Method: A Case Study on Prepositional Phrase Attachment
  8. W97-1006: Emin Erkan Korkmaz; Gokturk Ucoluk
  9. W97-1007: Montse Maritxalar; Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza; Maite Oronoz
    From Psycholinguistic Modelling of Interlanguage in Second Language Acquisition to a Computational Model
  10. W97-1008: Laura Mayfield Tomokiyo; Klaus Ries
    What makes a word: Learning base units in Japanese for speech recognition
  11. W97-1009: Ramin Charles Nakisa; Kim Plunkett
    Evolution of a Rapidly Learned Representation for Speech
  12. W97-1010: Miles Osborne; Ted Briscoe
    Learning Stochastic Categorial Grammars
  13. W97-1011: David M. W. Powers
    Learning and Application of Differential Grammars
  14. W97-1012: Jennifer Rodd
    Recurrent Neural-Network Learning of Phonological Regularities in Turkish
  15. W97-1013: K. Sima'an
    Explanation-Based Learning of Data-Oriented Parsing
  16. W97-1014: Christoph Tillmann; Hermann Ney
    Word Triggers and the EM Algorithm
  17. W97-1015: Werner Winiwarter; Yahiko Kambayashi
    A Comparative Study of the Application of Different Learning Techniques to Natural Language Interfaces
  18. W97-1016: Jakub Zavrel; Walter Daelemans; Jorn Veenstra
    Resolving PP attachment Ambiguities with Memory-Based Learning