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Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL)

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2002 COLING-02: The 6th Conference on Natural Language Learning 2002 (CoNLL-2002)


  1. COLING-02: The 6th Conference on Natural Language Learning 2002 (CoNLL-2002)

  2. W02-2000: Front Matter

  3. W02-2001: Timothy Baldwin; Aline Villavicencio
    Extracting the Unextractable: A Case Study on Verb-particles
  4. W02-2002: William J. Black; Argyrios Vasilakopoulos
    Language Independent Named Entity Classification by modified Transformation-based Learning and by Decision Tree Induction
  5. W02-2003: John D. Burger; John C. Henderson; William T. Morgan
    Statistical Named Entity Recognizer Adaptation
  6. W02-2004: Xavier Carreras; Lluís Màrquez; Lluís Padró
    Named Entity Extraction using AdaBoost
  7. W02-2005: Liviu Ciortuz
    Learning Attribute Values in Typed-unification Grammars: On Generalised Rule Reduction
  8. W02-2006: Silviu Cucerzan; David Yarowsky
    Bootstrapping a Multilingual Part-of-speech Tagger in One Person-day
  9. W02-2007: Silviu Cucerzan; David Yarowsky
    Language Independent NER using a Unified Model of Internal and Contextual Evidence
  10. W02-2008: James R. Curran; Miles Osborne
    A Very Very Large Corpus Doesn't Always Yield Reliable Estimates
  11. W02-2009: Ido Dagan; Zvika Marx; Eli Shamir
    Cross-dataset Clustering: Revealing Corresponding Themes across Multiple Corpora
  12. W02-2010: Radu Florian
    Named Entity Recognition as a House of Cards: Classifier Stacking
  13. W02-2011: Cyril Goutte; Hervé Déjean; Eric Gaussier; Nicola Cancedda; Jean-Michel Renders
    Combining Labelled and Unlabelled Data: A Case Study on Fisher Kernels and Transductive Inference for Biological Entity Recognition
  14. W02-2012: Peter Juel Henrichsen
    GraSp: Grammar Learning from Unlabelled Speech Corpora
  15. W02-2013: Martin Jansche
    Named Entity Extraction with Conditional Markov Models and Classifiers
  16. W02-2014: Anna Korhonen; Yuval Krymolowski
    On the Robustness of Entropy-Based Similarity Measures in Evaluation of Subcategorization Acquisition Systems
  17. W02-2015: Yuval Krymolowski
    Distinguishing Easy and Hard Instances
  18. W02-2016: Taku Kudo; Yuji Matsumoto
    Japanese Dependency Analysis using Cascaded Chunking
  19. W02-2017: Wei-Hao Lin; Hsin-Hsi Chen
    Backward Machine Transliteration by Learning Phonetic Similarity
  20. W02-2018: Robert Malouf
    A Comparison of Algorithms for Maximum Entropy Parameter Estimation
  21. W02-2019: Robert Malouf
    Markov Models for Language-independent Named Entity Recognition
  22. W02-2020: Paul McNamee; James Mayfield
    Entity Extraction without Language-Specific Resources
  23. W02-2021: Rada Mihalcea; Vivi Nastase
    Letter Level Learning for Language Independent Diacritics Restoration
  24. W02-2022: Jon Patrick; Casey Whitelaw; Robert Munro
    SLINERC: The Sydney Language-Independent Named Entity Recogniser and Classifier
  25. W02-2023: Uwe Quasthoff; Christian Biemann; Christian Wolff
    Named Entity Learning and Verification: Expectation Maximization in Large Corpora
  26. W02-2024: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
    Introduction to the CoNLL-2002 Shared Task: Language-Independent Named Entity Recognition
  27. W02-2025: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
    Memory-Based Named Entity Recognition
  28. W02-2026: Charles Schafer; David Yarowsky
    Inducing Translation Lexicons via Diverse Similarity Measures and Bridge Languages
  29. W02-2027: S. H. Srinivasan
    Features for Unsupervised Document Classification
  30. W02-2028: Hiroya Takamura; Yuji Matsumoto
    Two-dimensional Clustering for Text Categorization
  31. W02-2029: Koichi Takeuchi; Nigel Collier
    Use of Support Vector Machines in Extended Named Entity Recognition
  32. W02-2030: Kristina Toutanova; Christopher D. Manning
    Feature Selection for a Rich HPSG Grammar Using Decision Trees
  33. W02-2031: Koji Tsukamoto; Yutaka Mitsuishi; Manabu Sassano
    Learning with Multiple Stacking for Named Entity Recognition
  34. W02-2032: Jorn Veenstra; Frank Henrik Müller; Tylman Ule
    Topological Field Chunking for German
  35. W02-2033: Aline Villavicencio
    Learning to Distinguish PP Arguments from Adjuncts
  36. W02-2034: Janyce Wiebe; Theresa Wilson
    Learning to Disambiguate Potentially Subjective Expressions
  37. W02-2035: Dekai Wu; Grace Ngai; Marine Carpuat; Jeppe Larsen; Yongsheng Yang
    Boosting for Named Entity Recognition