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Conference on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL)

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2000 Fourth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning and the Second Learning Language in Logic Workshop


  1. Fourth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning and the Second Learning Language in Logic Workshop

  2. W00-0700: Front Matter

  3. W00-0701: Dan Roth
    Learning in Natural Language: Theory and Algorithmic Approaches
  4. W00-0702: Nicola Cancedda; Christer Samuelsson
    Corpus-Based Grammar Specialization
  5. W00-0703: R.I. Damper Image; Y. Marchand
    Pronunciation by Analogy in Normal and Impaired Readers
  6. W00-0704: Guy De Pauw; Walter Daelemans
    The Role of Algorithm Bias vs Information Source in Learning Algorithms for Morphosyntactic Disambiguation
  7. W00-0705: John Elliot; Eric Atwell; Bill Whyte
    Increasing our Ignorance' of Language: Identifying Language Structure in an Unknown 'Signal'
  8. W00-0706: Gerard Escudero; Lluís Màrquez; German Rigau
    A Comparison between Supervised Learning Algorithms for Word Sense Disambiguation
  9. W00-0707: George Foster
    Incorporating Position Information into a Maximum Entropy/Minimum Divergence Translation Model
  10. W00-0708: Guido Minnen; Francis Bond; Ann Copestake
    Memory-Based Learning for Article Generation
  11. W00-0709: Tony Mullen; Miles Osborne
    Overfitting Avoidance for Stochastic Modeling of Attribute-Value Grammars
  12. W00-0710: Stephan Raaijmakers
    Learning Distributed Linguistic Classes
  13. W00-0711: William Gregory Sakas
    Modeling the Effect of Cross-Language Ambiguity on Human Syntax Acquisition
  14. W00-0712: Patrick Schone; Daniel Jurafsky
    Knowledge-Free Induction of Morphology Using Latent Semantic Analysis
  15. W00-0713: Antal van den Bosch
    Using Induced Rules as Complex Features in Memory-Based Language Learning
  16. W00-0714: F. Amayat; J. M. Benedi
    Using Perfect Sampling in Parameter Estimation of a Whole Sentence Maximum Entropy Language Model
  17. W00-0715: Konstantin Biatov
    Experiments on Unsupervised Learning for Extracting Relevant Fragments from Spoken Dialog Corpus
  18. W00-0716: Laurent Blin; Laurent Miclet
    Generating Synthetic Speech Prosody with Lazy Learning in Tree Structures
  19. W00-0717: Alexander Clark
    Inducing Syntactic Categories by Context Distribution Clustering
  20. W00-0718: Hervé Déjean
    ALLiS: a Symbolic Learning System for Natural Language Learning
  21. W00-0719: José M. Gómez Hidalgo; Manual Maña López; Enrique Puertas Sanz
    Combining Text and Heuristics for Cost-Sensitive Spam Filtering
  22. W00-0720: Anne Kool; Walter Daelemans; Jakub Zavrel
    Genetic Algorithms for Feature Relevance Assignment in Memory-Based Language Processing
  23. W00-0721: Vasin Punyakanok; Dan Roth
    Shallow Parsing by Inferencing with Classifiers
  24. W00-0722: Patrick Ruch; Robert Baud; Pierrette Bouillon; Gilbert Robert
    Minimal Commitment and Full Lexical Disambiguation: Balancing Rules and Hidden Markov Models
  25. W00-0723: J. Turmo; H. Rodriguez
    Learning IE Rules for a Set of Related Concepts
  26. W00-0724: Hans van Halteren
    A Default First Order Family Weight Determination Procedure for WPDV Models
  27. W00-0725: Jose Luis Verdú-Mas; Jorge Calera-Rubio; Rafael C. Carrasco
    A Comparison of PCFG Models
  28. W00-0726: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang; Sabine Buchholz
    Introduction to the CoNLL-2000 Shared Task Chunking
  29. W00-0727: Hervé Déjean
    Learning Syntactic Structures with XML
  30. W00-0728: Christer Johansson
    A Context Sensitive Maximum Likelihood Approach to Chunking
  31. W00-0729: Rob Koeling
    Chunking with Maximum Entropy Models
  32. W00-0730: Taku Kudoh; Yuji Matsumoto
    Use of Support Vector Learning for Chunk Identification
  33. W00-0731: Miles Osborne
    Shallow Parsing as Part-of-Speech Tagging
  34. W00-0732: Ferran Pla; Antonio Molina; Natividad Prieto
    Improving Chunking by Means of Lexical-Contextual Information in Statistical Language Models
  35. W00-0733: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang
    Text Chunking by System Combination
  36. W00-0734: Hans van Halteren
    Chunking with WPDV Models
  37. W00-0735: Jorn Veenstra; Antal van den Bosch
    Single-Classifier Memory-Based Phrase Chunking
  38. W00-0736: Marc Vilain; David Day
    Phrase Parsing with Rule Sequence Processors: an Application to the Shared CoNLL Task
  39. W00-0737: GuoDong Zhou; Jian Su; TongGuan Tey
    Hybrid Text Chunking
  40. W00-0738: Jörg-Uwe Kietz; Raphael Volz; Alexander Maedche
    Extracting a Domain-Specific Ontology from a Corporate Intranet
  41. W00-0739: Pieter Adriaans; Erik de Haas
    Learning from a Substructural Perspective
  42. W00-0740: James Cussens; Stephen Pulman
    Incorporating Linguistics Constraints into Inductive Logic Programming
  43. W00-0741: F. Esposito; S. Ferilli; N. Fanizzi; G. Semeraro
    Learning from Parsed Sentences with INTHELEX
  44. W00-0742: Pascale Sébillot; Pierrette Bouillon; Cecile Fabre
    Inductive Logic Programming for Corpus-Based Acquisition of Semantic Lexicons
  45. W00-0743: Aline Villavicencio
    The Acquisition of Word Order by a Computational Learning System
  46. W00-0744: Eva Zácková; Luboš Popelínský; Miloš Nepil
    Recognition and Tagging of Compound Verb Groups in Czech