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Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 1 - April 2017
Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 2 - June 2017
Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 3 - September 2017
Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 4 - December 2017

Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 1 - April 2017

J17-1001: Claire Gardent; Laura Perez-Beltrachini
A Statistical, Grammar-Based Approach to Microplanning

J17-1002: Rocco Tripodi; Marcello Pelillo
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation

J17-1003: Ekaterina Shutova; Lin Sun; Elkin Darío Gutiérrez; Patricia Lichtenstein; Srini Narayanan
Multilingual Metaphor Processing: Experiments with Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

J17-1004: Ivan Habernal; Iryna Gurevych
Argumentation Mining in User-Generated Web Discourse

J17-1005: Giovanni Stilo; Paola Velardi
Hashtag Sense Clustering Based on Temporal Similarity

J17-1006: Farah Benamara
Evaluative Language Beyond Bags of Words: Linguistic Insights and Computational Applications

J17-1007: Jin-Dong Kim
Book Review: Biomedical Natural Language Processing by Kevin Bretonnel Cohen and Dina Demner-Fushman

J17-1008: Yoong Keok Lee
Book Review: Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception by Eileen Fitzpatrick, Joan Bachenko and Tommaso Fornaciari

Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 2 - June 2017

J17-2001: Ann Irvine; Chris Callison-Burch
A Comprehensive Analysis of Bilingual Lexicon Induction

J17-2002: Miguel Ballesteros; Chris Dyer; Yoav Goldberg; Noah A. Smith
Greedy Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Stack LSTMs

J17-2003: Hassan Sajjad; Helmut Schmid; Alexander Fraser; Hinrich Schütze
Statistical Models for Unsupervised, Semi-Supervised Supervised Transliteration Mining

J17-2004: Hamidreza Chinaei; Leila Chan Currie; Andrew Danks; Hubert Lin; Tejas Mehta; Frank Rudzicz
Identifying and Avoiding Confusion in Dialogue with People with Alzheimer's Disease

J17-2005: Peter Jansen; Rebecca Sharp; Mihai Surdeanu; Peter Clark
Framing QA as Building and Ranking Intersentence Answer Justifications

J17-2006: Ivandré Paraboni; Alex Gwo Jen Lan; Matheus Mendes de Sant'Ana; Flávio Luiz Coutinho
Squib: Effects of Cognitive Effort on the Resolution of Overspecified Descriptions

J17-2007: Maud Ehrmann
Book Review: Linked Lexical Knowledge Bases Foundations and Applications by Iryna Gurevych, Judith Eckle-er and Michael Matuschek

Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 3 - September 2017

J17-3001: Kilian Gebhardt; Mark-Jan Nederhof; Heiko Vogler
Hybrid Grammars for Parsing of Discontinuous Phrase Structures and Non-Projective Dependency Structures

J17-3002: Dun Deng; Nianwen Xue
Translation Divergences in Chinese–English Machine Translation: An Empirical Investigation

J17-3003: Dong Nguyen; Jacob Eisenstein
A Kernel Independence Test for Geographical Language Variation

J17-3004: Sascha Rothe; Hinrich Schütze
AutoExtend: Combining Word Embeddings with Semantic Resources

J17-3005: Christian Stab; Iryna Gurevych
Parsing Argumentation Structures in Persuasive Essays

J17-3006: Yann Mathet
The Agreement Measure γcat a Complement to γ Focused on Categorization of a Continuum

Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 4 - December 2017

J17-4001: Shafiq Joty; Francisco Guzmán; Lluís Màrquez; Preslav Nakov
Discourse Structure in Machine Translation Evaluation

J17-4002: Alla Rozovskaya; Dan Roth; Mark Sammons
Adapting to Learner Errors with Minimal Supervision

J17-4003: Ákos Kádár; Grzegorz Chrupała; Afra Alishahi
Representation of Linguistic Form and Function in Recurrent Neural Networks

J17-4004: Ivan Vulić; Daniela Gerz; Douwe Kiela; Felix Hill; Anna Korhonen
HyperLex: A Large-Scale Evaluation of Graded Lexical Entailment

J17-4005: Mathieu Constant; Gülşen Eryiğit; Johanna Monti; Lonneke van der Plas; Carlos Ramisch; Michael Rosner; Amalia Todirascu
Survey: Multiword Expression Processing: A Survey

J17-4006: Christian Hadiwinoto
Book Review: Syntax-Based Statistical Machine Translation by Philip Williams, Rico Sennrich, Matt Post and Philipp Koehn

J17-4007: Malvina Nissim; Lasha Abzianidze; Kilian Evang; Rob van der Goot; Hessel Haagsma; Barbara Plank; Martijn Wieling
Last Words: Sharing Is Caring: The Future of Shared Tasks

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