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Proceedings of Human Language Technology Conference and Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP 2005 Interactive Demonstrations

Proceedings of Human Language Technology Conference and Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

H05-1 [bib]: Entire volume

H05-1000: Front Matter

H05-1001 [bib]: Josef Steinberger; Mijail Kabadjov; Massimo Poesio; Olivia Sanchez-Graillet
Improving LSA-based Summarization with Anaphora Resolution

H05-1002 [bib]: Oana Postolache; Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova; Geert-Jan Kruijff
Data-driven Approaches for Information Structure Identification

H05-1003 [bib]: Heng Ji; David Westbrook; Ralph Grishman
Using Semantic Relations to Refine Coreference Decisions

H05-1004 [bib]: Xiaoqiang Luo
On Coreference Resolution Performance Metrics

H05-1005 [bib]: Advaith Siddharthan; Kathleen McKeown
Improving Multilingual Summarization: Using Redundancy in the Input to Correct MT errors

H05-1006 [bib]: Yongmei Shi; Lina Zhou
Error Detection Using Linguistic Features

H05-1007 [bib]: Diana Inkpen; Alain Désilets
Semantic Similarity for Detecting Recognition Errors in Automatic Speech Transcripts

H05-1008 [bib]: Roman Yangarber; Lauri Jokipii
Redundancy-based Correction of Automatically Extracted Facts

H05-1009 [bib]: Necip Fazil Ayan; Bonnie J. Dorr; Christof Monz
NeurAlign: Combining Word Alignments Using Neural Networks

H05-1010 [bib]: Ben Taskar; Lacoste-Julien Simon; Klein Dan
A Discriminative Matching Approach to Word Alignment

H05-1011 [bib]: Robert C. Moore
A Discriminative Framework for Bilingual Word Alignment

H05-1012 [bib]: Abraham Ittycheriah; Salim Roukos
A Maximum Entropy Word Aligner for Arabic-English Machine Translation

H05-1013 [bib]: Hal Daumé III; Daniel Marcu
A Large-Scale Exploration of Effective Global Features for a Joint Entity Detection and Tracking Model

H05-1014 [bib]: Ian Soboroff; Donna Harman
Novelty Detection: The TREC Experience

H05-1015 [bib]: Elena Filatova; John Prager
Tell Me What You Do and I’ll Tell You What You Are: Learning Occupation-Related Activities for Biographies

H05-1016 [bib]: Giridhar Kumaran; James Allan
Using Names and Topics for New Event Detection

H05-1017 [bib]: Alfio Gliozzo; Carlo Strapparava; Ido Dagan
Investigating Unsupervised Learning for Text Categorization Bootstrapping

H05-1018 [bib]: Jun’ichi Kazama; Kentaro Torisawa
Speeding up Training with Tree Kernels for Node Relation Labeling

H05-1019 [bib]: Tsutomu Hirao; Manabu Okumura; Hideki Isozaki
Kernel-based Approach for Automatic Evaluation of Natural Language Generation Technologies: Application to Automatic Summarization

H05-1020 [bib]: Dmitri Roussinov; Weiguo Fan
Discretization Based Learning for Information Retrieval

H05-1021 [bib]: Shankar Kumar; William Byrne
Local Phrase Reordering Models for Statistical Machine Translation

H05-1022 [bib]: Yonggang Deng; William Byrne
HMM Word and Phrase Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation

H05-1023 [bib]: Bing Zhao; Niyu Ge; Kishore Papineni
Inner-Outer Bracket Models for Word Alignment using Hidden Blocks

H05-1024 [bib]: Necip Fazil Ayan; Bonnie J. Dorr; Christof Monz
Alignment Link Projection Using Transformation-Based Learning

H05-1025 [bib]: Steffen Bickel; Peter Haider; Tobias Scheffer
Predicting Sentences using N-Gram Language Models

H05-1026 [bib]: Holger Schwenk; Jean-Luc Gauvain
Training Neural Network Language Models on Very Large Corpora

H05-1027 [bib]: Jianfeng Gao; Hao Yu; Wei Yuan; Peng Xu
Minimum Sample Risk Methods for Language Modeling

H05-1028 [bib]: Joyce Y. Chai; Shaolin Qu
A Salience Driven Approach to Robust Input Interpretation in Multimodal Conversational Systems

H05-1029 [bib]: Dan Bohus; Alexander Rudnicky
Error Handling in the RavenClaw Dialog Management Architecture

H05-1030 [bib]: Jeremy G. Kahn; Matthew Lease; Eugene Charniak; Mark Johnson; Mari Ostendorf
Effective Use of Prosody in Parsing Conversational Speech

H05-1031 [bib]: Ani Nenkova; Advaith Siddharthan; Kathleen McKeown
Automatically Learning Cognitive Status for Multi-Document Summarization of Newswire

H05-1032 [bib]: Tadashi Nomoto
Bayesian Learning in Text Summarization

H05-1033 [bib]: Caroline Sporleder; Mirella Lapata
Discourse Chunking and its Application to Sentence Compression

H05-1034 [bib]: Hisami Suzuki; Jianfeng Gao
A Comparative Study on Language Model Adaptation Techniques Using New Evaluation Metrics

H05-1035 [bib]: Marian Olteanu; Dan Moldovan
PP-attachment Disambiguation using Large Context

H05-1036 [bib]: Jason Eisner; Eric Goldlust; Noah A. Smith
Compiling Comp Ling: Weighted Dynamic Programming and the Dyna Language

H05-1037 [bib]: Hugo Zaragoza; Chi-Ho Li
Learning What to Talk about in Descriptive Games

H05-1038 [bib]: Ellen Voorhees
Using Question Series to Evaluate Question Answering System Effectiveness

H05-1039 [bib]: Fuchun Peng; Ralph Weischedel; Ana Licuanan; Jinxi Xu
Combining Deep Linguistics Analysis and Surface Pattern Learning: A Hybrid Approach to Chinese Definitional Question Answering

H05-1040 [bib]: Vijay Krishnan; Sujatha Das; Soumen Chakrabarti
Enhanced Answer Type Inference from Questions using Sequential Models

H05-1041 [bib]: Ion Androutsopoulos; Dimitrios Galanis
A Practically Unsupervised Learning Method to Identify Single-Snippet Answers to Definition Questions on the Web

H05-1042 [bib]: Regina Barzilay; Mirella Lapata
Collective Content Selection for Concept-to-Text Generation

H05-1043 [bib]: Ana-Maria Popescu; Oren Etzioni
Extracting Product Features and Opinions from Reviews

H05-1044 [bib]: Theresa Wilson; Janyce Wiebe; Paul Hoffmann
Recognizing Contextual Polarity in Phrase-Level Sentiment Analysis

H05-1045 [bib]: Yejin Choi; Claire Cardie; Ellen Riloff; Siddharth Patwardhan
Identifying Sources of Opinions with Conditional Random Fields and Extraction Patterns

H05-1046 [bib]: Eric Garbin; Inderjeet Mani
Disambiguating Toponyms in News

H05-1047 [bib]: Marta Tatu; Dan Moldovan
A Semantic Approach to Recognizing Textual Entailment

H05-1048 [bib]: Kadri Hacioglu; Benjamin Douglas; Ying Chen
Detection of Entity Mentions Occuring in English and Chinese Text

H05-1049 [bib]: Aria Haghighi; Andrew Ng; Christopher Manning
Robust Textual Inference via Graph Matching

H05-1050 [bib]: Jason Eisner; Damianos Karakos
Bootstrapping Without the Boot

H05-1051 [bib]: Christopher Stokoe
Differentiating Homonymy and Polysemy in Information Retrieval

H05-1052 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea
Unsupervised Large-Vocabulary Word Sense Disambiguation with Graph-based Algorithms for Sequence Data Labeling

H05-1053 [bib]: Rob Koeling; Diana McCarthy; John Carroll
Domain-Specific Sense Distributions and Predominant Sense Acquisition

H05-1054 [bib]: Youzheng Wu; Jun Zhao; Bo Xu; Hao Yu
Chinese Named Entity Recognition with Multiple Features

H05-1055 [bib]: Fei Huang
Cluster-specific Named Entity Transliteration

H05-1056 [bib]: Einat Minkov; Richard C. Wang; William W. Cohen
Extracting Personal Names from Email: Applying Named Entity Recognition to Informal Text

H05-1057 [bib]: Hema Raghavan; James Allan
Matching Inconsistently Spelled Names in Automatic Speech Recognizer Output for Information Retrieval

H05-1058 [bib]: Sheila M. Reynolds; Jeff A. Bilmes
Part-of-Speech Tagging using Virtual Evidence and Negative Training

H05-1059 [bib]: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka; Jun’ichi Tsujii
Bidirectional Inference with the Easiest-First Strategy for Tagging Sequence Data

H05-1060 [bib]: Noah A. Smith; David A. Smith; Roy W. Tromble
Context-Based Morphological Disambiguation with Random Fields

H05-1061 [bib]: Fei Huang; Ying Zhang; Stephan Vogel
Mining Key Phrase Translations from Web Corpora

H05-1062 [bib]: Benoit Favre; Frédéric Bechet; Pascal Nocéra
Robust Named Entity Extraction from Large Spoken Archives

H05-1063 [bib]: Dmitri Roussinov; Leon J. Zhao; Weiguo Fan
Mining Context Specific Similarity Relationships Using The World Wide Web

H05-1064 [bib]: Terry Koo; Michael Collins
Hidden-Variable Models for Discriminative Reranking

H05-1065 [bib]: Helmut Schmid
Disambiguation of Morphological Structure using a PCFG

H05-1066 [bib]: Ryan McDonald; Fernando Pereira; Kiril Ribarov; Jan Hajic
Non-Projective Dependency Parsing using Spanning Tree Algorithms

H05-1067 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea; Carlo Strapparava
Making Computers Laugh: Investigations in Automatic Humor Recognition

H05-1068 [bib]: Art Munson; Claire Cardie; Rich Caruana
Optimizing to Arbitrary NLP Metrics using Ensemble Selection

H05-1069 [bib]: Xinglong Wang; John Carroll
Word Sense Disambiguation Using Sense Examples Automatically Acquired from a Second Language

H05-1070 [bib]: Stephan Kepser
Using MONA for Querying Linguistic Treebanks

H05-1071 [bib]: Michael J. Cafarella; Doug Downey; Stephen Soderland; Oren Etzioni
KnowItNow: Fast, Scalable Information Extraction from the Web

H05-1072 [bib]: Eric Fosler-Lussier; C. Anton Rytting
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hybrid Phone-Manner Representations for ASR

H05-1073 [bib]: Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm; Dan Roth; Richard Sproat
Emotions from Text: Machine Learning for Text-based Emotion Prediction

H05-1074 [bib]: Yi Zhang; Jamie Callan
Combining Multiple Forms of Evidence While Filtering

H05-1075 [bib]: Donghui Feng; Eduard Hovy
Handling Biographical Questions with Implicature

H05-1076 [bib]: Yongping Du; Helen Meng; Xuanjing Huang; Lide Wu
The Use of Metadata, Web-derived Answer Patterns and Passage Context to Improve Reading Comprehension Performance

H05-1077 [bib]: Sabine Schulte im Walde; Alissa Melinger
Identifying Semantic Relations and Functional Properties of Human Verb Associations

H05-1078 [bib]: Paola Merlo; Gabriele Musillo
Accurate Function Parsing

H05-1079 [bib]: Johan Bos; Katja Markert
Recognising Textual Entailment with Logical Inference

H05-1080 [bib]: Praharshana Perera; René Witte
A Self-Learning Context-Aware Lemmatizer for German

H05-1081 [bib]: Lluís Màrquez; Mihai Surdeanu; Pere Comas; Jordi Turmo
A Robust Combination Strategy for Semantic Role Labeling

H05-1082 [bib]: Michael Crystal; Alex Baron; Katherine Godfrey; Linnea Micciulla; Yvette Tenney; Ralph Weischedel
A Methodology for Extrinsically Evaluating Information Extraction Performance

H05-1083 [bib]: Xiaoqiang Luo; Imed Zitouni
Multi-Lingual Coreference Resolution With Syntactic Features

H05-1084 [bib]: Katrin Erk; Sebastian Pado
Analyzing Models for Semantic Role Assignment using Confusability

H05-1085 [bib]: Sharon Goldwater; David McClosky
Improving Statistical MT through Morphological Analysis

H05-1086 [bib]: Vanessa Murdock; W. Bruce Croft
A Translation Model for Sentence Retrieval

H05-1087 [bib]: Martin Jansche
Maximum Expected F-Measure Training of Logistic Regression Models

H05-1088 [bib]: Roser Saurí; Robert Knippen; Marc Verhagen; James Pustejovsky
Evita: A Robust Event Recognizer For QA Systems

H05-1089 [bib]: Ping Li; Kenneth W. Church
Using Sketches to Estimate Associations

H05-1090 [bib]: Barry Schiffman; Kathleen McKeown
Context and Learning in Novelty Detection

H05-1091 [bib]: Razvan Bunescu; Raymond Mooney
A Shortest Path Dependency Kernel for Relation Extraction

H05-1092 [bib]: Barbara Rosario; Marti Hearst
Multi-way Relation Classification: Application to Protein-Protein Interactions

H05-1093 [bib]: Lucian Lita; Monica Rogati; Alon Lavie
BLANC: Learning Evaluation Metrics for MT

H05-1094 [bib]: Charles Sutton; Andrew McCallum
Composition of Conditional Random Fields for Transfer Learning

H05-1095 [bib]: Michel Simard; Nicola Cancedda; Bruno Cavestro; Marc Dymetman; Eric Gaussier; Cyril Goutte; Kenji Yamada; Philippe Langlais; Arne Mauser
Translating with Non-contiguous Phrases

H05-1096 [bib]: Nicola Ueffing; Hermann Ney
Word-Level Confidence Estimation for Machine Translation using Phrase-Based Translation Models

H05-1097 [bib]: David Vickrey; Luke Biewald; Marc Teyssier; Daphne Koller
Word-Sense Disambiguation for Machine Translation

H05-1098 [bib]: David Chiang; Adam Lopez; Nitin Madnani; Christof Monz; Philip Resnik; Michael Subotin
The Hiero Machine Translation System: Extensions, Evaluation, and Analysis

H05-1099 [bib]: Kristy Hollingshead; Seeger Fisher; Brian Roark
Comparing and Combining Finite-State and Context-Free Parsers

H05-1100 [bib]: Brooke Cowan; Michael Collins
Morphology and Reranking for the Statistical Parsing of Spanish

H05-1101 [bib]: Giorgio Satta; Enoch Peserico
Some Computational Complexity Results for Synchronous Context-Free Grammars

H05-1102 [bib]: Libin Shen; Aravind Joshi
Incremental LTAG Parsing

H05-1103 [bib]: Jonathan Brown; Gwen Frishkoff; Maxine Eskenazi
Automatic Question Generation for Vocabulary Assessment

H05-1104 [bib]: Amit Dubey; Patrick Sturt; Frank Keller
Parallelism in Coordination as an Instance of Syntactic Priming: Evidence from Corpus-based Modeling

H05-1105 [bib]: Preslav Nakov; Marti Hearst
Using the Web as an Implicit Training Set: Application to Structural Ambiguity Resolution

H05-1106 [bib]: Joachim Wermter; Udo Hahn
Paradigmatic Modifiability Statistics for the Extraction of Complex Multi-Word Terms

H05-1107 [bib]: Chenhai Xi; Rebecca Hwa
A Backoff Model for Bootstrapping Resources for Non-English Languages

H05-1108 [bib]: Sebastian Pado; Mirella Lapata
Cross-linguistic Projection of Role-Semantic Information

H05-1109 [bib]: Okan Kolak; Philip Resnik
OCR Post-Processing for Low Density Languages

H05-1110 [bib]: Dmitriy Genzel
Inducing a Multilingual Dictionary from a Parallel Multitext in Related Languages

H05-1111 [bib]: Robert Swier; Suzanne Stevenson
Exploiting a Verb Lexicon in Automatic Semantic Role Labelling

H05-1112 [bib]: Dan Moldovan; Adriana Badulescu
A Semantic Scattering Model for the Automatic Interpretation of Genitives

H05-1113 [bib]: Sriram Venkatapathy; Aravind Joshi
Measuring the Relative Compositionality of Verb-Noun (V-N) Collocations by Integrating Features

H05-1114 [bib]: Zheng-Yu Niu; Dong-Hong Ji; Chew Lim Tan
A Semi-Supervised Feature Clustering Algorithm with Application to Word Sense Disambiguation

H05-1115 [bib]: Jahna Otterbacher; Gunes Erkan; Dragomir Radev
Using Random Walks for Question-focused Sentence Retrieval

H05-1116 [bib]: Veselin Stoyanov; Claire Cardie; Janyce Wiebe
Multi-Perspective Question Answering Using the OpQA Corpus

H05-1117 [bib]: Jimmy Lin; Dina Demner-Fushman
Automatically Evaluating Answers to Definition Questions

H05-1118 [bib]: Jörg Tiedemann
Integrating Linguistic Knowledge in Passage Retrieval for Question Answering

H05-1119 [bib]: Peng Yu; Kaijiang Chen; Lie Lu; Frank Seide
Searching the Audio Notebook: Keyword Search in Recorded Conversation

H05-1120 [bib]: Farooq Ahmad; Grzegorz Kondrak
Learning a Spelling Error Model from Search Query Logs

H05-1121 [bib]: Masayuki Okabe; Kyoji Umemura; Seiji Yamada
Query Expansion with the Minimum User Feedback by Transductive Learning

H05-1122 [bib]: Andrew Olney; Zhiqiang Cai
An Orthonormal Basis for Topic Segmentation in Tutorial Dialogue

H05-1123 [bib]: Zvika Marx; Ido Dagan; Eli Shamir
A Generalized Framework for Revealing Analogous Themes across Related Topics

H05-1124 [bib]: Ryan McDonald; Koby Crammer; Fernando Pereira
Flexible Text Segmentation with Structured Multilabel Classification

H05-1125 [bib]: Jeff A. Bilmes; Xiao Li; Jonathan Malkin; Kelley Kilanski; Richard Wright; Katrin Kirchhoff; Amar Subramanya; Susumu Harada; James Landay; Patricia Dowden; Howard Chizeck
The Vocal Joystick: A Voice-Based Human-Computer Interface for Individuals with Motor Impairments

H05-1126 [bib]: Misu Teruhisa; Kawahara Tatsuya
Speech-based Information Retrieval System with Clarification Dialogue Strategy

H05-1127 [bib]: Michael English; Peter Heeman
Learning Mixed Initiative Dialog Strategies By Using Reinforcement Learning On Both Conversants

Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP 2005 Interactive Demonstrations

H05-2 [bib]: Entire volume

H05-2000: Front Matter

H05-2001 [bib]: Graham Russell; George Foster; Ngoc Tran Nguyen
Automatic Detection of Translation Errors: The State of the Art

H05-2002 [bib]: Thomas Hoeft; Nick Cramer; M. L. Gregory; Elizabeth Hetzler
Bridging the Gap between Technology and Users: Leveraging Machine

H05-2003 [bib]: Liang Zhou; Erin Shaw; Chin-Yew Lin; Eduard Hovy
Classummary: Introducing Discussion Summarization to Online Classrooms

H05-2004 [bib]: Vasin Punyakanok; Dan Roth; Mark Sammons; Wen-tau Yih
Demonstrating an Interactive Semantic Role Labeling System

H05-2005 [bib]: Lucy Vanderwende; Gary Kacmarcik; Hisami Suzuki; Arul Menezes
MindNet: An Automatically-Created Lexical Resource

H05-2006 [bib]: Max Silberztein
NooJ: a Linguistic Annotation System for Corpus Processing

H05-2007 [bib]: Adam Lopez; Philip Resnik
Pattern Visualization for Machine Translation Output

H05-2008 [bib]: Barbora Hladká; Ondrej Kucera
Prague Dependency Treebank as an Exercise Book of Czech

H05-2009 [bib]: Jill Burstein; Daniel Marcu
Translation Exercise Assistant: Automated Generation of Translation

H05-2010 [bib]: Ayako Hoshino; Hiroshi Nakagawa
WebExperimenter for Multiple-Choice Question Generation

H05-2011 [bib]: Fan Yang; Peter A. Heeman
DialogueView: an Annotation Tool for Dialogue

H05-2012 [bib]: Roman Yangarber; Lauri Jokipii; Antti Rauramo; Silja Huttunen
Extracting Information about Outbreaks of Infectious Epidemics

H05-2013 [bib]: Fuliang Weng; Lawrence Cavedon; Badri Raghunathan; Danilo Mirkovic; Ben Bei; Heather Pon-Barry; Harry Bratt; Hua Cheng; Hauke Schmidt; Rohit Mishra; Brian Lathrop; Qi Zhang; Tobias Scheideck; Kui Xu; Tess Hand-Bender; Stanley Peters; Liz Shriberg; Carsten Bergmann
A Flexible Conversational Dialog System for MP3 Player

H05-2014 [bib]: Manny Rayner; Nikos Chatzichrisafis; Pierrette Bouillon; Yukie Nakao; Hitoshi Isahara; Kyoko Kanzaki; Beth Ann Hockey; Marianne Santaholma; Marianne Starlander
Japanese Speech Understanding using Grammar Specialization

H05-2015 [bib]: James R. Glass; Timothy J. Hazen; D. Scott Cyphers; Ken Schutte; Alex Park
The MIT Spoken Lecture Processing Project

H05-2016 [bib]: Arman Tajarobi; Jean-François Garneau; François Paradis
MBOI: Discovery of Business Opportunities on the Internet

H05-2017 [bib]: Ana-Maria Popescu; Bao Nguyen; Oren Etzioni
OPINE: Extracting Product Features and Opinions from Reviews

H05-2018 [bib]: Theresa Wilson; Paul Hoffmann; Swapna Somasundaran; Jason Kessler; Janyce Wiebe; Yejin Choi; Claire Cardie; Ellen Riloff; Siddharth Patwardhan
OpinionFinder: A System for Subjectivity Analysis

H05-2019 [bib]: Kyungduk Kim; Yu Song; Gary Geunbae Lee
POSBIOTM/W: A Development Workbench for Machine Learning Oriented Biomedical Text Mining System