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COLING 1998 Volume 1: The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics
COLING 1998 Volume 2: The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

COLING 1998 Volume 1: The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

C98-1000: Front Matter

C98-1001: Zhao Jun; Huang Changning
A Quasi-Dependency Model for Structural Analysis it of Chinese BaseNPs

C98-1002: David SANKOFF
The production of code-mixed discourse

C98-1003: Eneko Agirre; Koldo Gojenola; Kepa Sarasola; Atro Voutilainen
Towards a single proposal in spelling correction

C98-1004: Lars AHRENBERG; Mikael ANDERSSON; Magnus MERKEL
A Simple Hybrid Aligner for Generating Lexical Correspondences in Parallel Texts

C98-1005: Mohammad AKBAR; Jean CAELEN
Parole et traduction automatique: le module de reconnaissance RAPHAEL

C98-1006: Hiyan Alshawi; Srinivas Bangalore; Shona Douglas
Automatic Acquisition of Hierarchical Transduction Models for Machine Translation

C98-1007: Pascal Amsili; Corinne Rossari
Tense and Connective Constraints on the Expression of Causality

C98-1008: Jan W. Amtrup; Volker Weber
Time Mapping with Hypergraphs

C98-1009: Chinatsu Aonet; Mary Ellen Okurowski; James Gorlinsky
Trainable, Scalable Summarization Using Robust NLP and Machine Learning

C98-1010: Shlomo Argamon; Ido Dagan; Yuval Krymolowski
A Memory-Based Approach to Learning Shallow Natural Language Patterns

C98-1011: Saliha Azzam; Kevin Humphreys; Robert Gaizauskas
Evaluating a Focus-Based Approach to Anaphora Resolution

C98-1012: Amit Bagga; Breck Baldwin
Entity-Based Cross-Document Coreferencing Using the Vector Space Model

C98-1013: Collin F. Baker; Charles J. Fillmore; John B. Lowe
The Berkeley FrameNet Project

C98-1014: Petra Barg; Markus Walther
Processing Unknown Words in HPSG

Semi-Automatic Recognition of Noun Modifier Relationships

C98-1016: Caroline Barriere
Redundancy: helping semantic disambiguation

C98-1017: Tilman Becker; Wolfgang Finkler; Anne Kilger; Peter Poller
An Efficient Kernel for Multilingual Generation in Speech-to-Speech Dialogue Translation

C98-1018: Kenneth R. B EESLEY
Consonant Spreading in Arabic Stems

C98-1019: Philippe Blache
Parsing Ambiguous Structures using Controlled Disjunctions and Unary Quasi-Trees

C98-1020: Ezra Black; Andrew Finch; Hideki Kashioka
Trigger-Pair Predictors in Parsing and Tagging

C98-1021: Rens Bod
Spoken Dialogue Interpretation with the DOP Model

C98-1022: Rens Bod; Ronald Kaplan
A Probabilistic Corpus-Driven Model for Lexical-Functional Analysis

C98-1023: Francis Bond; Daniela Kurz; Satoshi Shirai
Anchoring Floating Quantifiers in Japanese-to-English Machine Translation

C98-1024: Johan Bos; C.J. Rupp; Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf; Michael Dorna
Managing information at linguistic interfaces

C98-1025: Cem Bozsahin
Deriving the Predicate-Argument Structure for a Free Word Order Language

C98-1026: Norbert Broker
Separating Surface Order and Syntactic Relations in a Dependency Grammar

C98-1027: Antonio Branco
The Logical Structure of Binding

C98-1028: Eric Brill; Radu Florian; John C. Henderson; Lidia Mangu
Beyond N-Grams: Can Linguistic Sophistication Improve Language Modeling?

C98-1029: Eric Brill; Jun Wu
Classifier Combination for Improved Lexical Disambiguation

C98-1030: Caroline Brun
Terminology Finite-State Preprocessing for Computational LFG

C98-1031: John D. Burger; David Palmer; Lynette Hirschman
Named Entity Scoring for Speech Input

C98-1032: Jill Burstein; Karen Kukich; Susanne Wolff; Chi Lu; Martin Chodorow; Lisa Braden-Harder; Mary Dee Harris
Automated Scoring Using A Hybrid Feature Identification Technique

C98-1033: Marie-Helene Candito
Building Parallel LTAG for French and Italian

C98-1034: Claire Cardie; David Pierce
Error-Driven Pruning of Treebank Grammars for Base Noun Phrase Identification

C98-1035: Ciprian Chelba; Frederick Jelinek
Exploiting Syntactic Structure for Language Modeling

C98-1036: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Sheng-Jie Huang; Yung-Wei Ding; Shih-Chung Tsai
Proper Name Translation in Cross-Language Information Retrieval

C98-1037: Jen Nan Chen; Jason S. Chang
A Concept-based Adaptive Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation

C98-1038: Keh-Jiann Chen; Wen Tsuei; Lee-Feng Chien
PAT-Trees with the Deletion Function as the Learning Device for Linguistic Patterns

C98-1039: Sung-Kwon Choi; Han-Min Jung; Jun-Sik Park; Key-Sun Choi
Hybrid Approaches to Improvement of Translation Quality in Web-based English-Korean Machine Translation

C98-1040: Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Bob Carpenter
Dialogue Management in Vector-Based Call Routing

C98-1041: Nigel Collier; Hideki Hirakawa; Akira Kumano
Machine Translation vs. Dictionary Term Translation - a Comparison for English-Japanese News Article Alignment

C98-1042: Nigel Collier; Kenji Ono; Hideki Hirakawa
An Experiment in Hybrid Dictionary and Statistical Sentence Alignment

C98-1043: Michael A. Covington
Alignment of Multiple Languages for Historical Comparison

C98-1044: Dan CRISTEA; Nancy IDE; Laurent ROMARY
Veins Theory: A Model of Global Discourse Cohesion and Coherence

C98-1045: Alessandro CUCCHIARELLI; Danilo LUZI; Paola VELARDI
Automatic Semantic Tagging of Unknown Proper Names

C98-1046: Hoa Trang Dang; Karin Kipper; Martha Palmer; Joseph Rosenzweig
Investigating regular sense extensions based on intersective Levin classes

C98-1047: Sabine Deligne; Yoshinori Sagisaka
Learning a syntagmatic and paradigmatic structure from language data with a bi-multigram model

C98-1048: Sylvain DELISLE; Sylvain LETOURNEAU; Stan MATWIN
Experiments with Learning Parsing Heuristics

C98-1049: Ludmila DIMITROVA; Tomaz ERJAVEC; Nancy IDE; Heiki Jaan KAALEP; Vladimir PETKEVIC; Dan TUFIS
Multext-East: Parallel and Comparable Corpora and Lexicons for Six Central and Eastern European Languages

C98-1050: Luca Dini; Vittorio Di Tomaso; Frederique Segond
Error Driven Word Sense Disambiguation

C98-1051: Barbara Di Eugenio; Pamela W. Jordan; Johanna D. Moore; Richmond H. Thomason
An Empirical Investigation of Proposals in Collaborative Dialogues

C98-1052: DOAN-NGUYEN Hai
Accumulation of Lexical Sets: Acquisition of Dictionary Resources and Production of New Lexical Sets

C98-1053: Shinichi DOI; Shin-ichiro KAMEI; Kiyoshi YAMABANA
A Text Input Front-end Processor as an Information Access Platform

C98-1054: Michael Dorna; Anette Frank; Josef van Genabith; Martin C. Emele
Syntactic and Semantic Transfer with F-Structures

C98-1055: Mare Dymetman
Group Theory and Linguistic Processing

C98-1056: Markus Egg; Joachim Niehren; Peter Ruhrberg; Feiyu Xu
Constraints over Lambda-Structures in Semantic Underspecification

C98-1057: Mohammad Ali Elmi; Martha Evens
Spelling Correction Using Context

C98-1058: Martin C. Emele; Michael Dorna
Ambiguity Preserving Machine Translation using Packed Representations

C98-1059: Roger Evans; David Weir
A structure-sharing parser for lexicalized grammars

C98-1060: Ezeiza N.; Alegria I.; Areola J.M.; Urizar R.; Aduriz I.
Combining Stochastic and Rule-Based Methods for Disambiguation in Agglutinative Languages

C98-1061: A. Ferrandez; M. Palomar; L. Moreno
Anaphor resolution in unrestricted texts with partial parsing

C98-1062: Olivier FERRET; Brigitte GRAU; Nicolas MASSON
Thematic segmentation of texts: two methods for two kinds of texts

C98-1063: Sharon Flank

C98-1064: Dayne Freitag
Toward General-Purpose Learning for Information Extraction

C98-1065: Takeshi FUCHI; Shinichiro TAKAGI
Japanese Morphological Analyzer using Word Co-occurrence -- JTAG--

C98-1066: Pascale Fung; Lo Yuen Yee
An IR Approach for Translating New Words from Nonparallel, Comparable Texts

C98-1067: Osamu FURUSE; Setsuo YAMADA; Kazuhide YAMAMOTO
Splitting Long or Ill-formed Input for Robust Spoken-language Translation

C98-1068: Susanne GAHL
Automatic extraction of subcorpora based on subcategorization frames from a part-of-speech tagged corpus

C98-1069: Bjorn Gamback; Johan Bos
Semantic-Head Based Resolution of Scopal Ambiguities

C98-1070: Bilel Gargouri; Mohamed Jmaiel; Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
Vers l'utilisation des methodes formelles pour le developpement de linguiciels

C98-1071: Eric Gaussier
Flow Network Models for Word Alignment and Terminology Extraction from Bilingual Corpora

C98-1072: Marsal Gavaldh; Alex Waibel
Growing Semantic Grammars

C98-1073: Jin GUO
One Tokenization per Source

C98-1074: Vineet Gupta; John Lamping
Efficient Linear Logic Meaning Assembly

C98-1075: Pius ten Hacken; Stephan Bopp
Separable Verbs in a Reusable Morphological Dictionary for German

C98-1076: Udo Hahn; Klemens Schnattinger
A Text Understander that Learns

C98-1077: Jan Hajic; Barbora Hladka
Tagging Inflective Languages: Prediction of Morphological Categories for a Rich, Structured Tagset

C98-1078: Hans van Halteren; Jakub Zavrel; Walter Daelemans
Improving Data Driven Wordclass Tagging by System Combination

C98-1079: Thierry Hamon; Adeline Nazarenko; Cecile Gros
A step towards the detection of semantic variants of terms in technical documents

C98-1080: Masahiko Haruno; Satoshi Shirai; Yoshifumi Ooyama
Using Decision Trees to Construct a Practical Parser

C98-1081: Terrence Harvey; Sandra Carberry
Integrating Text Plans for Conciseness and Coherence

C98-1082: Julia E. Heine
Definiteness Predictions for Japanese Noun Phrases

C98-1083: Johannes Heinecke; Jurgen Kunze; Wolfgang Menzel; Ingo Schroder
Eliminative Parsing with Graded Constraints

C98-1084: James Henderson; Peter Lane
A Connectionist Architecture for Learning to Parse

C98-1085: Mark Hepple
Memoisation for Glue Language Deduction and Categorial Parsing

C98-1086: Derrick Higgins
Parsing Parallel Grammatical Representations

C98-1087: Janet Hitzeman; Massimo Poesio
Long Distance Pronominalisation and Global Focus

C98-1088: Rebecca Hwa
An Empirical Evaluation of Probabilistic Lexicalized Tree Insertion Grammars

C98-1089: Fidelia IBEKWE-SANJUAN
Terminological variation, a means of identifying research topics from texts

C98-1090: Takahiro Ikeda; Akitoshi Okumura; Kazunori Muraki
Information Classification and Navigation Based on 5WlH of the Target Information

C98-1091: Michael INGLEBY; Wiebke BROCKHAUS
A concurrent approach to the automatic extraction of subsegmental primes and phonological constituents from speech

C98-1092: Masato Ishizaki; Tsuneaki Kato
Exploring the Characteristics of Multi-Party Dialogues

C98-1093: Arne Jonsson; Lena Stromback
Robust Interaction through Partial Interpretation and Dialogue Management

C98-1094: Christian Jacquemin
Improving Automatic Indexing through Concept Combination and Term Enrichment

C98-1095: Ji Donghong; Gong Junping; Huang Changning
Combining a Chinese Thesaurus with a Chinese Dictionary

C98-1096: Hongyan Jing; Kathleen McKeown
Combining Multiple, Large-Scale Resources in a Reusable Lexicon for Natural Language Generation

C98-1097: Amanda C. Jobbins; Lindsay J. Evett
Text Segmentation Using Reiteration and Collocation

C98-1098: Mark Johnson
Finite-state Approximation of Constraint-based Grammars using Left-corner Grammar Transforms

C98-1099: Michael Johnston
Unification-based Multimodal Parsing

C98-1100: Kristiina Jokinen; Hideki Tanaka; Akio Yokoo
Context Management with Topics for Spoken Dialogue Systems

C98-1101: Kyo KAGEURA
A Statistical Analysis of Morphemes in Japanese Terminology

C98-1102: Sylvain Kahane; Alexis Nasr; Owen Rambow
Pseudo-Projectivity: A Polynomially Parsable Non-Projective Dependency Grammar

C98-1103: Satoshi Kaki; Eiichiro Sumita; Hitoshi Iida
A Method for Correcting Errors in Speech Recognition Using the Statistical Features of Character Co-occurrence

C98-1104: Hideki Kashioka; Yasuhiro Kawata; Yumiko Kinjo; Andrew Finch; Ezra W. Black
Use of Mutual Information Based Character Clusters in Dictionary-less Morphological Analysis of Japanese

C98-1105: Robert T. Kasper; Mike Calcagno; Paul C. Davis
Know When to Hold 'Em: Shuffling Deterministically in a Parser for Nonconcatenative Grammars

C98-1106: Genichiro Kikui
Term-list Translation using Mono-lingual Word Co-occurrence Vectors

C98-1107: Byeongchang Kim; WonI1 Lee; Geunbae Lee; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Unlimited Vocabulary Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion for Korean TTS

C98-1108: Judith Klavans; Min-Yen Kan
Role of Verbs in Document Analysis

C98-1109: Mosleh Hmoud AI-Adhaileh; Tang Enya Kong

C98-1110: Yasuo Koyama; Masako Yasutake; Kenji Yoshimura; Kosho Shudo
Large Scale Collocation Data and Their Application to Japanese Word Processor Technology

C98-1111: Alexander Krotov; Mark Hepple; Robert Gaizauskas; Yorick Wilks
Compacting the Penn Treebank Grammar

C98-1112: Irene Langkilde; Kevin Knight
Generation that Exploits Corpus-Based Statistical Knowledge

C98-1113: Philippe Langlais; Michel Simard; Jean Veronis
Methods and Practical Issues in Evaluating Alignment Techniques

C98-1114: Benoit Lavoie; Owen Rambow
A Framework for Customizable Generation of Hypertext Presentations

C98-1115: Seungmi Lee; Key-Sun Choi
Automatic Acquisition of Language Model based on Head-Dependent Relation between Words

C98-1116: Yves Lepage

C98-1117: Gina-Anne Levow
Characterizing and Recognizing Spoken Corrections in Human-Computer Dialogue

COLING 1998 Volume 2: The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

C98-2000: Front Matter

C98-2118: Wolfgang Lezius; Reinhard Rapp; Manfred Wettler
A Freely Available Morphological Analyzer, Disambiguator and Context Sensitive Lemmatizer for German

C98-2119: Hang Li; Naoki Abe
Word Clustering and Disambiguation Based on Co-occurrence Data

C98-2120: Hui-Feng Li; Jong-Hyeok Lee; Geunbae Lee
Identifying Syntactic Role of Antecedent in Korean Relative Clause Using Corpus and Thesaurus Information

C98-2121: Li Li; Deborah A. Dahl; Lewis M. Norton; Marcia C. Linebarger; Dongdong Chen
A Test Environment for Natural Language Understanding Systems

C98-2122: Dekang Lin
Automatic Retrieval and Clustering of Similar Words

C98-2123: Nikolaj Lindberg; Martin Eineborg
Learning Constraint Grammar-style disambiguation rules using Inductive Logic Programming

C98-2124: Diane J. Litman; Shimei Pan; Marilyn A. Walker
Evaluating Response Strategies in a Web-Based Spoken Dialogue Agent

C98-2125: Vincenzo Lombardo; Leonardo Lesmo
Formal aspects and parsing issues of dependency theory

C98-2126: Susann LuperFoy; Dan Loehr; David Duff; Keith Miller; Florence Reeder; Lisa Harper
An Architecture for Dialogue Management, Context Tracking, and Pragmatic Adaptation in Spoken Dialogue Systems

C98-2127: Qing Ma; Hitoshi Isahara
A Multi-Neuro Tagger Using Variable Lengths of Contexts

C98-2128: MAKINO Takaki; YOSHIDA Minoru; TORISAWA Kentaro; TSUJII Jun'ichi
LiLFeS- Towards a Practical HPSG Parser

C98-2129: Raquel Martinez; Joseba Abaitua; Arantza Casillas
Bitext Correspondences through Rich Mark-up

C98-2130: Mark T. Maybury
Discourse Cues for Broadcast News Segmentation

C98-2131: David R. McGee; Philip R. Cohen; Sharon Oviatt
Confmnation in Multimodal Systems

C98-2132: Angus McIntyre
Babel: A testbed for research in origins of language

C98-2133: Surapant Meknavin; Boonserm Kijsirikul; Ananlada Chotimongkol; Cholwich Nuttee
Combining Trigram and Winnow in Thai OCR Error Correction

C98-2134: Adam Meyers; Roman Yangarber; Ralph Grishman; Catherine Macleod; Antonio Moreno-Sandoval
Deriving Transfer Rules from Dominance-Preserving Alignments

C98-2135: Andrei Mikheev
Feature Lattices for Maximum Entropy Modelling

C98-2136: Hideki Mima; Hitoshi Iida; Osamu Furuse
Simultaneous Interpretation Utilizing Example-based Incremental Transfer

C98-2137: Kyongho MIN; William H. WILSON
Integrated Control of Chart Items for Error Repair

C98-2138: Ruslan Mitkov
Robust pronoun resolution with limited knowledge

C98-2139: MITSUISHI Yutaka; TORISAWA Kentaro; TSUJII Jun'ichi
HPSG-Style Underspecified Japanese Grammar with Wide Coverage

C98-2140: MOCHIZUKI Hajime; HONDA Takeo; OKUMURA Manabu
Text Segmentation with Multiple Surface Linguistic Cues

C98-2141: Chadia Moghrabi
Using Language Resources in an Intelligent Tutoring System for French

C98-2142: Mehryar Mohri; Fernando C. N. Pereira
Dynamic compilation of weighted context-free grammars

C98-2143: Shinsuke Mori; Makoto Nagao
A Stochastic Language Model using Dependency and Its Improvement by Word Clustering

C98-2144: Pascal Mouret; Monique Rolbert
Dealing with distinguishing descriptions in a guided composition system

C98-2145: Masaki Murata; Makoto Nagao
An Estimate of Referent of Noun Phrases in Japanese Sentences

C98-2146: Katashi Nagao; Koiti Hasida
Automatic Text Summarization Based on the Global Document Annotation

C98-2147: Masaaki NAGATA
Japanese OCR Error Correction using Character Shape Similarity and Statistical Language Model

C98-2148: Hiroshi Nakagawa; Tatsunori Mori; Nobuyuki Omori; Jun Okamura
Hypertext Authoring for Linking Relevant Segments of Related Instruction Manuals

C98-2149: Mikio Nakano; Akira Shimazu
Translating a Unification Grammar with Disjunctions into Logical Constraints

C98-2150: Christine H. Nakatani
Constituent-based Accent Prediction

C98-2151: Mark-Jan Nederhof
An alternative LR algorithm for TAGs

C98-2152: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Anoop Sarkar; Giorgio Satta
Prefix Probabilities from Stochastic Tree Adjoining Grammars

C98-2153: S. Nieflen; S. Vogel; H. Ney; C. Tillmann
A DP based Search Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation

C98-2154: NINOMIYA Takashi; TORISAWA Kentaro; TSUJII Jun'ichi
An Efficient Parallel Substrate for Typed Feature Structures on Shared Memory Parallel Machines

C98-2155: Sergei Nirenburg; Victor Raskin
Universal Grammar and Lexis for Quick Ramp-Up of MT Systems

C98-2156: Lewis M. Norton; Deborah A. Dahl; Li Li; Katharine P. Beals
Integration of Large-Scale Linguistic Resources in a Natural Language Understanding System

C98-2157: Franz J osef Och; Hans Weber
Improving Statistical Natural Language Translation with Categories and Rules

C98-2158: Akira Oishi; Yuji Matsumoto
Recognition of the Coherence Relation between Te-linked Clauses

C98-2159: Lluis Padro; Lluis Marquez
On the Evaluation and Comparison of Taggers: the Effect of Noise in Testing Corpora.

C98-2160: Shimei Pan; Kathleen McKeown
Learning Intonation Rules for Concept to Speech Generation

C98-2161: Ivandre Paraboni; Vera Lucia Strube de Lima
Possessive Pronominal Anaphor Resolution in Portuguese Written Texts

C98-2162: Junsik Park; Jung-Goo Kang; Wook Hur; Key-Sun Choi
Machine Aided Error-Correction Environment for Korean Morphological Analysis and Part-of-Speech Tagging

C98-2163: David Pautler; Alex Quilici
A Computational Model of Social Perlocutions

C98-2164: Gerald Penn
Parametric Types for Typed Attribute-Value Logic

C98-2165: Vladimir Pericliev; Raul E. Valdes-Perez
A Procedure for Multi-Class Discrimination and some Linguistic Applications

C98-2166: Hannes Pirker; Georg Niklfeld; Johannes Matiasek; Harald Trost
From Information Structure to Intonation: A Phonological Interface for Concept-to-Speech

C98-2167: Andrei POPESCU-BELIS; Isabelle ROBBA; Gerard SABAH
Reference Resolution beyond Coreference: a Conceptual Frame and its Application

C98-2168: Richard Power; Donia Scott
Multilingual authoring using feedback texts

C98-2169: Victor Poznanski; Pete Whitelock; Jan IJdens; Steffan Corley
Practical Glossing by Prioritised Tiling

C98-2170: Gabor Proszeky
An Intelligent Multi-Dictionary Environment

C98-2171: Dragomir R. Radev
Learning Correlations between Linguistic Indicators and Semantic Constraints: Reuse of Context-Dependent Descriptions of Entities

C98-2172: Adwait Ratnaparkhi
Statistical Models for Unsupervised Prepositional Phrase Attachment

C98-2173: Tim READ; Elena BARCENA
JaBot: a multilingual Java-based intelligent agent for Web sites

C98-2174: Chris Reed; Derek Long
Generating the Structure of Argument

C98-2175: Stephen D. Richardson; William B. Dolan; Lucy Vanderwende
MindNet: acquiring and structuring semantic information from text

C98-2176: German Rigau; Horacio Rodriguez; Eneko Agirre
Building Accurate Semantic Taxonomies Monolingual MRDs

C98-2177: Brian Roark; Eugene Charniak
Noun-phrase co-occurrence statistics for semi-automatic semantic lexicon construction

C98-2178: James Rogers
A Descriptive Characterization of Tree-Adjoining Languages (Project Note)

C98-2179: Douglas Roland; Daniel Jurafsky
How Verb Subcategorization Frequencies Are Affected By Corpus Choice

C98-2180: Carolyn Penstein Rose; Lori S. Levin
An Interactive Domain Independent Approach to Robust Dialogue Interpretation

C98-2181: Dan Roth; Dmitry Zelenko
Part of Speech Tagging Using a Network of Linear Separators

C98-2182: Patrick Saint-Dizier
A Generative Lexicon Perspective for Adjectival Modification

C98-2183: Ken Samuel; Sandra Carberry; K. Vijay-Shanker
Dialogue Act Tagging with Transformation-Based Learning

C98-2184: Antonio Sanfilippo
Ranking Text Units According to Textual Saliency, Connectivity and Topic Aptness

C98-2185: Anoop Sarkar
Conditions on Consistency of Probabilistic Tree Adjoining Grammars

C98-2186: Kengo Sato; Masakazu Nakanishi
Maximum Entropy Model Learning of the Translation Rules

C98-2187: Giorgio Satta; William Schuler
Restrictions on Tree Adjoining Languages

C98-2188: Michael Schiehlen
Learning Tense Translation from Bilingual Corpora

C98-2189: Frank Schilder
An Underspecified Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (USDRT)

C98-2190: Paul Schmidt; Sibylle Rieder; Axei Theofilidis; Marius Groenendijk; Peter Phelan; Henrik Schulz; Thierry Declerck; Andrew Bredenkamp
Natural Language Access to Software Applications

C98-2191: David Schneider; Kathleen F. McCoy
Recognizing Syntactic Errors in the Writing of Second Language Learners

C98-2192: Mark Seligman; Christian Boitet; Boubaker Meddeb-Hamrouni
Transforming Lattices into Non-deterministic Automata with Optional Null Arcs

C98-2193: Jean Senellart
Locating noun phrases with finite state transducers.

C98-2194: James Shaw
Segregatory Coordination and Ellipsis in Text Generation

C98-2195: Harold L. SOMERS
Similarity metrics for aligning children's articulation data

C98-2196: Josep M. Sopena; Agusti LLoberas; Joan L. Moliner
A Connectionist Approach to Prepositional Phrase Attachment for Real World Texts

C98-2197: Manfred Stede; Carla Umbach
DiMLex: A lexicon of discourse markers for text generation and understanding

C98-2198: Luc Steels; Frederic Kaplan
Spontaneous Lexicon Change

C98-2199: Michael Strube
Never Look Back: An Alternative to Centering

C98-2200: Tomek Strzalkowski; Jin Wang; Bowden Wise
Summarization-based Query Expansion in Information Retrieval

C98-2201: Sun Maosong; Shen Dayang; Benjamin K Tsou
Chinese Word Segmentation without Using Lexicon and Hand-crafted Training Data

C98-2202: Yoshimi Suzuki; Fumiyo Fukumoto; Yoshihiro Sekiguchi
Keyword Extraction using Term-Domain Interdependence for Dictation of Radio News

C98-2203: Gokhan Tur; Kemal Oflazer
Tagging English by Path Voting Constraints

C98-2204: Kumiko TANAKA-Ishii; Koiti HASIDA; Itsuki NODA
Reactive Content Selection in the Generation of Real-time Soccer Commentary

C98-2205: Pasi Tapanainen; Jussi Piitulainen; Timo Jarvinen
Idiomatic object usage and support verbs

C98-2206: Heike Tappe; Frank Schilder
Coherence in Spoken Discourse

C98-2207: Davide Turcato
Automatically Creating Bilingual Lexicons for Machine Translation from Bilingual Text

C98-2208: Naohiko Uramoto; Koichi Takeda
A Method for Relating Multiple Newspaper Articles by Using Graphs, and Its Application to Webcasting

C98-2209: Takehito Utsuro; Takashi Miyata; Yuji Matsumoto
General-to-Specific Model Selection for Subcategorization Preference

C98-2210: Evelyne Viegas
Multilingual Computational Semantic Lexicons in Action- WYSINNWYG Approach to NLP

C98-2211: Evelyne Viegas; Stephen Beale; Sergei Nirenburg
The Computational Lexical Semantics of Syntagmatic Relations

C98-2212: Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie; Miguel Alonso Pardo
A tabular interpretation of a class of 2-Stack Automata

C98-2213: Takahiro Wakao; Eiji Sawamura; Terumasa Ehara; Ichiro Maruyama
Project for production of closed-caption TV programs for the hearing impaired

C98-2214: Marilyn A. Walker; Jeanne C. Fromer; Shrikanth Narayanan
Learning Optimal Dialogue Strategies: A Case Study of a Spoken Dialogue Agent for Email

C98-2215: Stephen Wan; Cornelia Mafia Verspoor
Automatic English-Chinese name transliteration for development of multilingual resources

C98-2216: Ye-Yi Wang; Alex Waibel
Modeling with Structures in Statistical Machine Translation

C98-2217: Mark Wasson
Using Leading Text for News Summaries: Evaluation Results and Implications for Commercial Summarization Applications

C98-2218: Hideo Watanabe; Koichi Takeda
A Pattern-based Machine Example-Translation System Extended by based Processing

C98-2219: Yasuhiko Watanabe; Makoto Nagao
Diagram Understanding Using Integration of Layout Information and Textual Information

C98-2220: Yasuhiko Watanabe; Yoshihiro Okada; Kengo kaneji; Makoto Nagao
Aligning Articles in TV Newscasts and Newspapers

C98-2221: Eric Wehrli
Translating Idioms

C98-2222: Graham Wilcock; Yuji Matsumoto
Head-Driven Generation with HPSG

C98-2223: Yorick Wilks; Mark Stevenson
Word Sense Disambiguation using Optimised Combinations of Knowledge Sources

C98-2224: Karsten L. Worm
A Model for Robust Processing of Spontaneous Speech by Integrating Viable Fragments

C98-2225: Dekai Wu; Hongsing WONG
Machine Translation with a Stochastic Grammatical Channel

C98-2226: Haodong Wu; Eduardo de Paiva Alves; Teiji Furugori
Structural Disambiguation Based on Reliable Estimation of Strength of Association

C98-2227: Masaya Yamaguchi; Takeyuki Kojilna; Nobuo Inui; Yoshiyuki Kotani; Hirohiko Nisinmra
Combination of an Automatic and an Interactive Disambiguation Method

C98-2228: YAMAMOTO Kazuhide; SUMITA Eiichiro
Feasibility Study for Ellipsis Resolution in Dialogues by Machine-Learning Technique

C98-2229: Alexander S. Yeh; Marc B. Vilain
Some Properties of Preposition and Subordinate Conjunction Attachments

C98-2230: Takehiko Yoshimi; Toshiyuki Okunishi; Takahiro Yamaji; Yoji Fukumochi
Evaluation of Importance of Sentences based on Connectivity to Title

C98-2231: Klaus Zechner
Automatic Construction of Frame Representations for Spontaneous Speech in Unrestricted Domains

C98-2232: Klaus Zechner; Alex Waibel
Using Chunk Based Partial Parsing of Spontaneous Speech in Unrestricted Domains for Reducing Word Error Rate in Speech Recognition

C98-2233: Xiaoheng Zhang
Dialect MT: A Case Study between Cantonese and Mandarin

C98-2234: GuoDong ZHOU; KimTeng LUA
Word Association and MI-Trigger-based Language Modeling

C98-2235: Anja Belz
Discovering Phonotactic Finite-State Automata by Genetic Search

C98-2236: D. Byron; A. Stent
A Preliminary Model of Centering in Dialog

C98-2237: Hua Cheng
Embedding New Information into Referring Expressions

C98-2238: Olivier Ferret
How to thematically segment texts by using lexical cohesion?

C98-2239: Oskari Heinonen
Optimal Multi-Paragraph Text Segmentation by Dynamic Programming

C98-2240: Oi Yee Kwong
Bridging the Gap between Dictionary and Thesaurus

C98-2241: Mark Lewellen
Neural Network Recognition of Spelling Errors

C98-2242: Diana McCarthy; Anna Korhonen
Detecting Verbal Participation in Diathesis Alternations

C98-2243: Scott McDonald
Target Word Selection as Proximity in Semantic Space

C98-2244: Elliot Smith
A Cognitive Model of Coherence-Driven Story Comprehension

C98-2245: Ivelin Stoianov
Tree-based Analysis of Simple Recurrent Network Learning

C98-2246: Scott M. Thede
Predicting Part-of-Speech Information about Unknown Words using Statistical Methods