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Sponsorship Chair Duties

Conference Handbook - Sponsorship Chair Duties

The Sponsorship Chair is responsible for collecting funding from two kinds of sources: granting institutions and corporations. The duties of the sponsorship committee are detailed in the following document. Word Doc PDF

Granting institution sponsorship

The lead time is approx. 1 year. A formal proposal is usually required. Many funding institutions are unwilling to fund a conference more than once. Examples:

  • National Science Foundation
  • Sloan Foundation

Corporate sponsorship

Corporations must be approached several times:

  • the first time more than a year in advance, to ensure that the sponsorship is included on the budget for the next year;
  • six or so months before the conference, to re-awaken interest and stress the advertising potential
  • three months in advance, to extract the funds

Corporate sponsors have very tight restrictions on the use of their logos. Last-minute sponsors may not be able to get all the advertising promised.

It is possible to create several tiers of sponsorship. The meaning of these tiers should be made very clear to the public.

Advertising that corporations may be offered:

  • logos on Proceedings and fliers, etc.
  • logos on banners and signs at conference and social events
  • logos on freebies and t-shirts
  • (possibly) short statement at banquet or reception

The sponsorschip chair is responsible for obtaining hi-res and low-res logos from every sponsor, for use in print publications and on the conference website.

Authors: Eduard Hovy, 2000, from notes by Rick Wojcik and Gary Coen.