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Food and Social Events

Conference Handbook - Arranging the Food


Refreshments at morning and afternoon breaks Possibly, lunch package (buffet or box lunches) often reserved on the conference registration form Make sure there are good vegetarian dishes and snacks.

Social events

  • Reception: in a nice area close to the main event, on the night before the main event. Include one or two drinks free.
  • Banquet: traditionally, in an unusual or nice setting (museum, garden, etc.). The banquet should be self-financed (either by banquet tickets alone or by being supplemented by sponsorships). Tickets generally do not run over $45 per person (at the most!). The ACL Exec usually has a reserved table.
  • Entertainment: traditionally, a band after the banquet, for dancing
  • Excursion(s) (possibly): on the tutorial day and/or one day before/after conference, or during, for conference families
  • ACL Exec Dinner: The Exec usually holds a dinner for about 50 people the night before the banquet, in a location possibly off-campus. This should be arranged with the ACL Secretary.

Author: Eduard Hovy, 2000, from notes by Rick Wojcik and others.