2012Q3 Reports: SIGMORPHON

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2011-2012 Annual Report
SIGMORPHON (Computational Morphology, Phonology, and Phonetics)
Jason Eisner


SIGMORPHON is ACL's special interest group for computational morphology, phonology, and phonetics. Membership currently stands at 137, up from 55/73/90/96/105/120 in July 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011 respectively.


We held our 12th SIG workshop at NAACL 2012, with 9 of 15 submissions accepted, and 20+ people in attendance. The papers presented were of high quality, and generated a lot of interesting discussion. There was a fair spread of topic areas, although the phonetics/phonology end of the spectrum was not very well represented.

We have customarily held workshops in even-numbered years. In keeping with this schedule, we will propose to hold our 13th SIG workshop at one of the 2014 conferences.

Online Activities

sigmorphon.org serves the community by maintaining a mailing list and (outdated) online bibliographies at its website. We have begun emailing our membership to notify them of relevant new papers -- highlighted versions of recent *ACL programs can be found at sigmorphon.org. We are considering adding some tutorial materials for newcomers to the field.