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Edit history prior to import

Siggen-logo.gif Below you can see the edit history (dates, authors, summaries) of this article in the original SIGGEN Resources Wiki before it was imported into the ACL Wiki.

Maria Milosavljevic deserves credit for compiling the first versions of the NLG resources collection which at the time consisted of a couple of HTML pages.

4 	2005-11-15 10:11:54 	1210 		abdn004 	fixed project URL
3 	2005-11-15 09:57:57 	1210 		abdn004 	change download URL
2 	2005-11-14 16:16:32 	1205 		abdn004 	made intro shorter
1 	2005-11-11 08:19:52 	1737 		DavidReitter